Wednesday, August 24, 2011

String of Earthquakes is No Coincidence

Wisdom Quarterly

The "Weather Wars," as America attacks every adversary on Earth and just a few strike back, are on. How quickly we forget New Zealand, Indonesia, Sharon Stone's China, Japan with the added bonus of an ongoing nuclear holocaust... We have seen video of Iran secretly being attacked by the HAARP weapon. And each of the major quakes shows HAARP's signature minutes (celestial formations) before disaster. Do we really need Jesse Ventura to spell it out?

What if Washington DC or New York City were ever to be attacked by modern Tesla earthquake-producing equipment? Impossible? It might happen. At least we would know it was unnatural and not the result of ordinary meteorological events. What if massive storms were to tear through the East Coast, or droughts and floods were to sweep the nation, would we then pay attention? Probably not. But it could happen. And when it does, will expanded consciousness arise saying, "Hey, something's going on here, something fishy, like these massive fish kills" [which are the result of extraordinary electrical strikes, poison testing, and the general disregard multinational energy companies show for the planet.]

"Energy exploration" is a euphemism that means oil drilling and frac-extracting. Fracking in particular is a menace. Extremely toxic chemical are injected under high pressure into the earth. The result is seismic activity in places that rarely if ever sees any. Virginia, for example.

But there are also other ways to degrade the environment. There are "always" quakes, it is said. This is deceptive. There are not always massive temblors in strategic areas, and there is not always large scale destruction, and these demonstration quakes are not otherworldly retribution. It's war. Many are manmade while reputable scientists remain in the dark about what is possible through Pentagon magic and advanced research divisions like DARPA.

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Anonymous said...

Well, sadly, I don't think people have anymore natural connection with mama to be like "hmmmmm, what is going on?!" Some. Majority is told and have read that this is "supposed to be happening because it is the 'coming'".