Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breasts, Tourism, Toplessness, and Love Hewitt

Wisdom Quarterly
Jen's "Ghost Whisperer" is based on James Van Praagh's life. But mainly she gives people a serious case of Bebe Stevens Syndrome.

Bigger Breasts equals More Tourists

Giant breasts are becoming the norm in Wellington, New Zealand. The breasts in New Zealand are growing dramatically. Throughout the country the sale of size D thru J have increased 53 per cent. Also embracing the bust increase is the struggling travel industry, which is seeing equivalent lift in their business. More

Wisdom Quarterly continue to reveal the popularity of our favorite agnostic ghost whisperer and yoga enthusiast., Ms. Love Hewitt. Nearly a million and a half views later, she is gaining popularity on what 2012 has in store for the planet. Jen leans toward Buddhism with selfless acts of loving-kindness. We may be under-counting, but official is official.

Buddhists Obsessing On Breasts?
Wisdom Quarterly
The problem has gotten so pointed, even new Buddha statues are affected (Woottamee)

Whether trying to meditate, do yoga, watch TV, or shop for groceries, distractions are everywhere. The Buddha once pointed out that the shape of a woman is a man's greatest obsession, and the shape of a man is a woman's. Why are we obsessed?

It seems to be a deep seated compulsion that goes beyond our cultural conditioning all the way down to the brainstem, the reptilian brain, and the limbic system.

But it is made far worse by the multibillion-dollar breast industry. That's not enhancement, bras, and bathing suits -- it's everything: music, TV shows, ads, sales persons, singers...nothing is free of it. It in no way stops there. And the obsession is not limited to leering men.

Men gawk, while women are more subtle. But it is women who disproportionately suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and an inferiority complexes trying to keep up with airbrushed images. The images are modeled on the figures of pubescent, meat-hormone fed American teens, push-up bra wearers, and post surgery party goers.

Male mammals have mammary glands, too, and they're real breasts.

Mindfulness cures obsession. Contemplation on the repulsive aspects of the body (in 32 parts), because the Buddha did not simply say that we are obsessed. He offered solutions. The body is beautiful. But in it there is a danger. Moreover, there is an escape from the danger.

We are sunk if we simply go through life dragged about by our impulses, being manipulated by the media, and being taken advantage of by those who profit from our wandering eyes and minds.

Envy or lust, what are women looking at?

All mammals, both male and female, have them by definition. Our attention is directed and manufactured by design. What is driving us? If we assume it is "nature," there's nothing to nurture and nothing we can do about it.

If we understand that there is an industry (selling sex, self-esteem, magazines, fashion, femininity, cancer, movies, unrelated product sales, etc.), we can begin to see through it and free ourselves.

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