Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Katy Perry (Catty Purry) an ET?

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See lyrics to "ET" (featuring Kanye West) below.

Are we the only ones to notice what Hollywood namers named Catty Purry? It seems so. But there have been rumors -- we thought them a joke -- that Perry is in fact a human-extraterrestrial hybrid. Feline, reptilian (naga), shapeshifter?

To the extent that some people refuse to acknowledge other life forms throughout the universe and even this very solar system, this will sound incredible. But humans are seeded from the stars. There are many, many alien races. Many have visited, many still do, and many never left.

With sufficient DNA (often referred to as a suitable bloodline) these intelligences are able to take possession of an individual. What better way than through million-selling musicians and overnight popstars?

Lady Gaga, addled by drug abuse and body issues that inspire her to drink, starve, binge, and do hot yoga, might well be in the same boat. There are unseen beings all around. Why would an artist create a hit song glorifying ET-hybridization, miscegenation, human-alien mating?

It is like the "days of old" when the Nephilim (the Judeo-Christian "sons of god" or Buddhist devaputras) created "men of renown" (epic heroes) by mating with the "wives of men" (human females).

LYRICS: Katy Perry's "ET" (feat. Kanye West)

With nine nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) tonight, Katy Perry is set for another milestone in her meteoric rise to fame and a short career that promises to grow longer with each hit. Perry has just become the first female and only the second person (the first being Michael Jackson) to ever derive five number one hits from a single album. Amy Winehouse sleeps, and Lady Gaga shivers in her homemade platforms as Justin Bieber wets his Canadian Toughskins when they see Perry rising on the charts.

Britney Spears rejects a lesbian kiss from Lady Gaga (left) as she accepts the Video Vanguard award at the 2011 MTV VMAs in LA Aug. 28, 2011 (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni).

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