Monday, May 19, 2014

A comedian's way to meditation and money

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Kyle Cease ( via Christine Blosdale

Just go...
(a note from the Kyle Cease having this event)
I don’t know how to sell this event. There is no tactic. I can write up some bullet point system of amazing things that you will gain. Things like ending stage fright, anxiety, and so on. But it is so much cooler than any bullet points could ever spell out. It’s an experience. [He's selling a feelgood experience? Oh, Kyle!]

It’s tapping into a deeper you. It’s bringing out the effortless “you” that always existed [Hey, just like Mahaayana, Zenn, Shambala, and Hinduism say will happen!] Remember when you were a kid? [Yes, yes "I Remember"! Coolio was singing. Hey, Kyle, get to the flow, bro. Here we go.]

Remember how you just played? Remember how you didn’t care what anybody thought about you? How you could just create, imagine, and weirdly you were happy much more frequently? That place existed once, which means it is always available. It has been right under our nose and we overlook it and actually choose to stress out. We are trained to find the problems everywhere.
We are always fixing something that is not broken. We are constantly reliving stressful past things, and anticipating future things. When we are done with that, we need some addiction to get us into the moment.

Childhood? "Dead and Gone" (T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake)

Kids don’t have this. Kids have the moment, freedom, love, creativity, and play locked as their default setting. Guess what, you are still a kid. You might be a 50-year-old kid, but your natural state is your natural state. That state is worth everything. It’s worth more money, higher health, happier relationships, inner peace, and higher likeability. 

I'm evolving. I'm evolving out loud.
You just need to get away from the old habits. You just need to be taken away for a few days. [How 'bout one magical weekend?]. You just need to leap.[Just once?]
If right now, while reading this, you are analyzing if you should leap, check this out: You can always measure what you will lose; you can never measure what you will gain. [True that.]
So while you are anticipating the hotel costs, the babysitter, and the three days of being away, also anticipate the possibility of an entirely different, more fun, profitable, and much more effortless life. [I'm in!] It really is for anyone and everyone. Evolving never ends. Kyle Cease (more videos).

Evolving Out Loud. Live. 
June 27-29, 2014
The Westin LAX 
Los Angeles, California

Tickets on sale now!

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