Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do we really need chemical soaps?

It's not "magic" -- Nature can make us beautiful: money saved on safe, natural cleaners
Are we really too clean? (On Point)
New York Times: My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, [Probiotic]-Rich Hygiene Experiment — “My skin began to change for the better. It actually became softer and smoother, rather than dry and flaky, as though a sauna’s worth of humidity had penetrated my winter-hardened shell. 

Plastics, nano-ingredients pollute
And my complexion, prone to hormone-related breakouts, was clear. For the first time ever, my pores seemed to shrink. As I took my morning “shower” — a three-minute rinse in a bathroom devoid of hygiene products — I remembered all the antibiotics I took as a teenager to quell my acne. How funny it would be if adding [good, probiotic] bacteria were the answer all along.”

Mission Viejo Bodies
4 dead in Mission Viejo murder-suicide
CNN: Minnesota issues ban on [toxic] antibacterial ingredient – “The health effects of [industrial chemical toxin] triclosan for humans are still unclear. Some studies suggest that the chemical could be linked to antibiotic resistance, but evidence is mixed, and the Environmental Protection Agency says more research is needed to evaluate risk. There is some evidence that long-term exposure to some ingredients in antibacterial products, including triclosan, “could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects,” according to the FDA.”

Santa Barbara Rampage
Isla Vista rampage: UCSB mourns
San Francisco Chronicle: Pfizer joins Second Genome for microbiome study — “Scientists have developed several theories about the roles that different gut bacteria play in the ways that the body breaks down and uses nutrients and vitamins, processes they suspect relate to metabolic disease. For example, microbiome transplant [poop-transplant] studies have suggested that the introduction of specific microbes can effectively drive weight loss or gain.” More
A hacker targeted people in Australia, sending a message to their iPhones and iPads that their devices were locked — unless they paid a ransom.
What to do if iPhone hacked, locked

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