Sunday, May 11, 2014

Anti-aging hormone could make us SMARTER

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Kat Fabi, Wisdom Quarterly; Jon Hamilton (NPR/SCPR, 5-8-14)
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Machine Brain
Anti-aging HORMONE could make us smarter (istockphoto/
A hormone associated with longevity also appears to make people's brains work better.
The finding in Cell Reports could someday lead to [high priced, synthetic, patented, moderately toxic pharmaceutical] drugs that improve memory and learning, researchers say.
Drugs are cool, take more pharmaceuticals!
[Why bother talking about the natural hormone itself, or using it, or getting our own bodies to produce more of it? Why? Nobody's going to make money that way! Oh, capitalism, we take thee for granted and wonder why we must always be pathologized and on drug "treatments." Big Pharma does not sell "cures" for anything; it just wouldn't be profitable.]
"We've discovered a way to potentially boost cognition," says Dena Dubal, one of the study's authors who does research on aging and the brain at the University of California, San Francisco.

And that could mean "a very new way to treat diseases," ranging from Alzheimer's to schizophrenia, she says.
Three Fates, Clotho on right
The hormone is named Klotho, after the Fate [Buddhist deva] Clotho from Greek mythology who spins the thread of life. Scientists have known for more than a decade that people and animals tend to live longer if they have high levels of Klotho in their bodies.
And that led Dubal and researchers at the Gladstone Institutes to wonder whether a hormone that protects the body against aging might also protect the brain. So the team set out to see whether Klotho offered... More
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