Saturday, May 10, 2014

United We Stand Festival ( FREE!

Pat Macpherson (, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; United We Stand Festival
A series of college campus concerts kicks off today at UCLA with Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, and more independent candidates than the mind can easily contemplate (The Festival)

"One movement" -- 99% against criminal banks, Occupy LA (

Tickets, tickets, I need tickets! - It's free now.
NOW FREE OF CHARGE! The Woodstock United We Stand Festival show has neither been rescheduled nor cancelled. It is relocated! Check for new venue. Ticketmaster has issued refunds, and anyone who got tickets through a non-refundable donation to Free & Equal will get priority seating. We'll see everyone today unless the LA Weekly is right.
United We Stand Music Fest Calls on Youth to Seize Politics – and Power
(, May 8, 2014)
Recognized names in American media, music, politics, and activism will assemble today -- Saturday, May 10th -- for the inaugural United We Stand Festival. Then the show moves to a state near you.

Today's show is at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion -- kicking off a 10-campus bus tour that aims to educate and empower youth to assert a new electoral force in politics.

(N.W.A. the West Coast Public Enemy) "Express Yourself" - I'm expressing with my full capabilities/ And now I'm living in correctional facilities/ Cuz some don't agree with how I do this/ I get straight and meditate like a Buddhist..." Dr. Dre (the First Billionaire of Hip Hop) was going to come, but he is too busy counting Apple, Inc. money.
Solutions: Back to the land to garden but this time with organic permaculture (Occupy)
"...with liberty and justice for sale."
Organized by Christina Tobin and the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, the festival features TV host Larry King, former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, author and congressional candidate Marianne Williamson, David Bronner of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, former Green presidential candidate Jill Stein, and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

In Tobin's words, the unique brand of politics, activism, and music coming together into a single festival is "designed to inspire America’s youth to educate themselves and exercise their civil liberties to become true advocates for change.”

Awake the Nation! See all UWS Festival details at Wisdom Quarterly

Media makers from RT (Russia Today)'s Abby Martin to Ben Swann, Lee Camp, David Swanson, Amber Lyon, Josh Tolley, Brad Friedman (KPFK 90.7 FM), and's Michael Levitin will also be speaking at the festival.

Music will include performances by Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Wu-Tang Clan, Playing for Change, Cynic, Rooftop Revolutionaries, Sounds of Solidarity, The Siren, Luminaries, and A-Alikes, among others. More
Pussy Riot's Nadia visits Cecily McMillan after first NYC O.W.S. conviction (Occupy)

I am the 1%. Don't go to UWSF!
We are the 99%. Go to the Fest!

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