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Heat wave hits Los Angeles

Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Ashley Wells, Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; BGR
Beautiful Los Angeles: desert coast as seen from the we smolder (
Hiking in a cool woodland grove above LA, San Gabriel foothills (Liu/Wisdom Quarterly)
Guardian, Wat Thai, L.A.
LOS ANGELES, California - LAX just broke a record. L.A. is experiencing a freak spring heat wave. The beach is as hot as the valley and foothills.
The asphalt jungle is getting squishy. It was so hot in Pasadena yesterday (93 degrees) that there was no sense in running to the beach. But the beach is now the same temperature. This never happens.

Los Angeles County (
It's always at least ten degrees cooler on the coast no matter how miserable it is inland in the desert City of Angels. That's why tourists clear out of town and end up on the Venice Boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier, Hermosa and Malibu.

What's the cause? Sure there's a red blip on the Doppler 5000 radar weather satellite map, but the larger reason is climate chaos. Of course there is global warming; no one denies that. What some deny is whether or not humans are causing it. We aren't helping.
People's Guide (UC Press)
If all the planets in our solar system -- and one of featured writers thinks there are more than 30 -- are heating up, is it a good idea to keep pouring heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere? Right wing readers might say, "A volcano puts up more trouble in the sky than we do!" but the fact remains: We have to do something about it. The fake answer of trading "carbon credits" is capitalist exploitation progressives have been tricked into backing. Carbon is not the problem. Carbon is mild and recycles.

Like climate change, let's be UNSTOPPABLE
We need to worry about methane (from animal raising and slaughter, deforestation (from animal raising and slaughter), diesel fumes (from transporting animals to raise and slaughter them), from pollution (a result of industrial ranching and industrialization in general). There is a lot we can do! A lot needs to be done. We can't gag sincere right-wing men. The Koch Brothers are paying good money to muddy the waters, pay off scientists to stir up doubts and delay action, like they did historically with nicotine and cigarettes. We now say "everyone knew" but then why were we so slow to act to curb cancer and other diseases? Industry paid to keep the debate raging in the face of overwhelming evidence and common sense. The same thing is happening right now.
Southern California heat wave, May 13, 2014 (
Problem in the Himalayas: Our Roof is on Fire
Himalayas melting (
(Henry Chu/ In the Himalayas ["the roof of the world"], a climate-change calamity builds. High in the Himalayas, above this peaceful valley where farmers till a patchwork of emerald-green fields, an icy lake fed by melting glaciers waits to become a "tsunami from the sky." The lake is swollen dangerously past normal levels, thanks to the global warming that is causing the glaciers to retreat at record speed. But no one knows when the tipping point will come... More
Irreversible collapse of Antarctic glaciers
Antarctic glaciers are melting irreversibly as big business pays lobbyists to keep doubt going
Science calls attention; business does nothing
(Scott Gold) "Glaciers are past 'point of no return'" read the front page story of the [paper version of the] Los Angeles Times yesterday (May 13, 2014).
A slow-motion and irreversible collapse of a massive cluster of glaciers in Antarctica has begun. And it could cause sea levels to rise across the planet by another 4 feet within 200 years, scientists concluded in two studies released Monday.
Far to the north: Greenland melting (ANN)
Researchers had previously estimated that the cluster in the Amundsen Sea region of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would last for thousands of years despite global climate change. But the new studies found that the loss is underway now as warming ocean water melts away the base of the ice shelf, and it is occurring far more rapidly than scientists expected.
The warming water is tied to several environmental phenomena, including a warming of the planet driven by emissions from human activity and depleted ozone that has changed wind patterns in the area, the studies found. More + VIDEO
But what can I do?
What if we were to OCCUPY capitalism?
"I'm just one person out of 7 billion+!" This planet can sustain twice as many people as we have now, but it cannot keep going with half as many IF we keep going like this. Our waste and the incentives capitalism offers us ruin. Each of us can turn around.
What Sakka (Indra, Archangel Michael) sees from space -- an environment in decline.
Climate Change?
Nearby space is our environment
For years, Democracy Now! has been closely following the issues of global warming and climate chaos. It has reported live from U.N. Climate Change Conferences in Warsaw, Doha, Durban, CancĂșn, and Copenhagen. They attended the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change hosted by Bolivia in 2010. They interviewed many of the world’s top scientists, policy makers, activists, academics, and indigenous leaders who focus on these issues.

We agree with Edgar Cayce (reborn as David Wilcock, and [the reluctant prophet] Stephen Quayle ( that the solar system is heating up. But that means the Earth is, too. Moreover, we are making it worse! The effect of 7 billion humans and countless earthlings (animals, insects, sea creatures, unseen beings, ET visitors, titans, devas, angels, "demons," reptilians, Greys, etc.) is contributing. And even if the human impact were negligible, we are guilty of inaction for not doing something when something could be done to save this world.

We must follow the movement to save the planet locally and globally, environmentally and atmospherically (in space), to directly confront the root causes of the problem, advocate for justice, and provide sustainable alternatives.
Climate chaos caused by first world industries leads to drought, starvation, slavery, sex trafficking, and early death in the third world. Save people! (

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