Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thai martial law: military shuts down media

Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;, May 21, 2014
Thai Theravada monastics continue to practice during country's crisis (Butch Osborne/flickr)
Thailand is divided radicals and royalists who want to change the gov't (LillianPierson)

Thailand's martial law crisis: Local media shut down by military
I don't know what he's talking about! I'm PM!
(BBC) An emergency meeting of political leaders, called by the Thai army a day after it [unilaterally] declared martial law, has ended inconclusively.
She did it! Her and her brother, ousted!
Representatives from the government [which was not advised by the army that martial law would be declared], the main opposition party and protest groups all attended the meeting.
Local radio stations run by activists have been shut down by the military. Jonathan Head reports from Bangkok. More + VIDEO

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