Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Martial Law declared all over Buddhist Thailand

Wisdom Quarterly; Pacifica Radio, Berkeley (KPFA.org); G.P. Malalasekera
Martial law was declared throughout the most Buddhist country in the world this morning with an announcement from the military, Pacifica is reporting from Berkeley, claiming that it is due to the interim "caretaker" governing PM refusing to step down. Monastics are presumably trapped in hermitages unable to seek alms food (pindapat') as is done daily throughout the country according to ancient tradition laid down by the Buddha.
Going on Alms round
G.P. Malalasekera; Wisdom Quarterly (Pinda Sutta)
Buddha walking (WQ)
Once the Buddha was at Pañcasālā when the day came for all young people to send gifts to one another.

The Buddha went on alms round to the village as was the custom of wandering ascetics in India. But the villagers, influenced by Māra, gave nothing, and he returned with his bowl empty.

Māra tried to influence the Buddha to go a second time, but he refused to do so (S.i.113; the incident is also found at DhA.iii., p. 257f).

The Commentary explains (SA.i.141) that Māra did not want the Buddha to accept the gifts of the maidens and to preach to them, because then they would pass beyond his lustful, fearful, delusive influence.

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