Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free CASH money in Los Angeles

Fat stack of greenbacks (Jason Unbound/ Commons/
So that's what it's all about, eh Mitts?
Isn't money the goal of American life, cash-money?

We do everything we do for the sake of it. I'm "spiritual" to be famous to make money. I meditate to get spiritual to be famous to make money. I study to meditate to be spiritual to be famous to make money. Then, if I had wads of greasy cash, I could [make jokes that go too far]. And, well, know wut im sayin, y'all get the idea.

But now who needs all that? Money is falling out of the anonymous sky! Somebody's making it rain. First it was coming down over the clear blue Bay, now it's pouring into the gray haze above Tinsel Town.

UPDATE May 29, 2014: The person behind @HiddenCash has brought her/his free cash drops from breezy San Francisco south to the sleepy pueblo of Los Angeles. (See his/her Twitter feed).
The person behind it, reportedly a man but maybe a woman, has been leaving FREE envelopes filled with cash and tweeting clues for where people -- anyone, even YOU -- can find them. 
S/he's also been working with media outlets to get the message out, including leaving cash in the NBC Bay Area parking lot and telling Angelenos to tune into the local CBS news to get their next clue Wednesday night.

(Hope the major TV networks and media conglomerates in the Hollywood skyline highrises aren't involved, *wink*).

Why do millennials drink so much?
The clues are easy! And next I hear Willy Wonka is going to be hiding golden tickets in bottles of Duff beer for Peter Griffin to choke on for a chance to get into the Made in America festival and Under the Influence rap concert featuring Jay Z, Cypress Hill, and Wiz Khalifa! It's better than trying to call Big Boy.

I found it by the Griffith Park fountain!
What an exciting time to be alive! Now, if I could only get back to my first plan, meditate, get spiritual, and get famous!
Cash Out doing his 2012 break out hit "Cashing Out" about livin' large in the big city while modeling an aspirational lifestyle for everyone to enact
Metallica plays live outdoors in Antarctica, becoming the first band in history to play all seven continents in under a year, with corporate-sugar-sponsors ("Freeze 'Em All"/youtube)
Goin' gangsta: The Santa Barbara County Sheriff displayed the weapons used by Elliot Rodger during his mass murder spree. New gun legislation is unlikely in Washington. But attention to mental health, maybe (Jae C. Hong/AP).

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