Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Meet the Hispanic white supremacist Johnny B

Jorge Morales Almada (univision.com); Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Meet the Hispanic white supremacist in Southern California's "alt-right" movement
He identifies himself as "Johnny Benitez" (but his real name is Juan Cadavid). He has participated in violent clashes to defend the policies of Pres. Don Trump. On Sunday he organized an "America First" protest against undocumented immigrants. [Most recently he was seen and heard arguing with white counter-protester Aaron Connelly in Berkeley, who called him out for the right wing racist and possible skinhead (although that just may be a haircut in response to male pattern balding) he is.] More
  • Aaron Connelly (R) schools Juan Cadavid
    (WQ) In defense of Juan/Johnny: What, brown man can't be a white supremacist? lol. It's a free country. Look, what is a "Hispanic" or "Latino" but a Spanish/European mated, often forcibly, with a darker indigenous person? So he may be brown or beige, but what if he's siding with his white/Spanish/European side? It's not impossible. He may have sold out his indigenous forebears to side with the invading rapists and enslavers. It's possible. Look at that brain surgeon former presidential candidate in Trump's cabinet or Japanese-American Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. We defend Juan's right to hold right wing, conservative, regressive, even racist politics. That's his business. But Univsion.com wants everyone to know he is an anti-immigrant menace and apologist who, as Connelly points out, hangs out with white supremacists and seems to share their views. Next, we should figure out who right wing blogger Irma Hinojosa is.

The OC GOP rejects alt-right figure Johnny Benitez due to... (ocweekly.com, Aug. 7, 2017) It seems like every week the alt-right's Juan Cadavid (a.k.a. "Johnny Benitez") has a new enemy in his own camp. ...And for good measure, Cadavid -- who's Latino -- speaks against affirmative action, citing a video... Loomer or even his profile picture containing the valknut, a symbol commonly used by racists.
Indivisible OC chapters plan Saturday rally in Laguna Beach (LA Times, Aug 16, 2017) On its website, Indivisible accuses Trump of being racist, authoritarian, and corrupt. On Sunday, Orange County resident Johnny Benitez said he...

Thousands of counter-protesters oppose America First! rally in... (latimes.com, Aug. 20, 2017) Allegations that America First!, organized by Johnny Benitez, is racist and white supremacist have filled social media channels in the past week.

Counter-protesters take to Laguna Beach ahead of right-wing rally (LAist.com, Aug. 19, 2017) ...to the encroachment of racists and white supremacists on Sunday. ... Johnny Benitez, the organizer of the event, said in a YouTube video that their ... He said it will be a diverse event with black people and Latinos attending.

Laguna Beach prepares for "alt-right" demonstration and counter... (nbclosangeles.com, Aug. 16, 2017) The rally Sunday is the latest in a series organized by so-called alt-right activist Johnny Benitez. ... Benitez has become a polarizing figure for the "alt-right" community in ... "This country is going downhill fast," Benitez says in one video.... at my picture who may assume I am white so I have a racist agenda?
"Make Men Great Again" speakers bash trans people while... (splcenter.org/hatewatch, Aug. 10, 2017) The Stars of Make Men Great Again: From left, Deborah Pauly, Johnny Benitez, [right wing blogger] Irma Hinojosa... But, you know, as a Latino, it's racist, I guess.

Violence breaks out at Berkeley rally where counter-protesters... (ktla.com, Aug. 27, 2017) Some screamed, “Go home, Nazi!” as police tried to escort  Johnny Benitez and Irma Hinojosa, a member of the Southern California group "Latinos for Trump," through the crowd and out of the park. ...Counter demonstrations against racism are here in full force.
"America First" protesters face off with opponents at California beach... (msn.com, Aug. 21, 2017) América Latina (español), Argentina (español), Australia (English), België ... Demonstrator Johnny Benitez faces off against counter-protesters during an... sentiment, forcing the president to deny he tacitly supports racists.

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