Saturday, August 26, 2017

War of the Titans: Mystic Mac or Mayweather?

Bhikkhu Bodhi (DN 1); Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Mayweather beats McGregor when referee steps in to stop fight in Round 10 TKO.

We predict win by McGregor by lucky punch. It makes financial sense (

Mayweather vs McGregor: How underdog wins
Analysts, athletes, and all-time greats from various violent combat "sports" break down how UFC superstar Irish Conor "Mystic Mac" McGregor can defeat world boxing champion American Floyd Mayweather inside the squared circle today Saturday, August 26th. Featuring Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard, Freddie Roach, and more.

(WQ) Who will win? Follow the money. This is already the richest purse ever in boxing, in the hundreds of millions of US dollars. How much dearer, pricier would a rematch be if the underdog upset the cart? They could double their money and move this bloodsport, this savage exercise in voyeurism meets capitalism, into the billions. They don't need the money, but all the bloodsuckers around them -- the suits, agents, Little Eichmanns -- need every dollar without knowing why. "There's enough to meet each person's need, but not enough to meet even a single person's greed" or something like that. You don't believe capitalism can and already does influence every American sport? Read this book by Brian Tuohy:

The Fix Is In (Brian Tuohy)
What are "Titans" in Buddhism?
You sure do got a pretty mouth, Mac. - Yeah, 'n I can back up my smack talk, boy. - 'Boy'?
Asura: a kind of fallen deva like Mrs. Sakka
Asuras in Buddhism: a race of beings who, like the Titans of Ancient Greek mythology, fought the devas ("shining ones") for sovereignty over the heavens and lost. See apāya-bhūmi. Where do they place in the 31 Planes of Existence? Asuras are called "demons" but because they are always fighting and vying with others. They are "titans" (who now refuse beer or sura) because it led to their defeat when they were "cast out of [a] heaven" [called the World of the Thirty-Three, where Sakka is king of the resident devas]. Asuras were cast onto the human plane (not hell) from the two nearest celestial words above. They are said to be engaged in relentless conflict with the devas and each other.

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