Friday, August 18, 2017

Racist white cop beats black driver (video)

RT; Associated Press (; Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Taken from video provided by Euclid Police Dept., racist cop Michael Amiott punches citizen m Richard Hubbard in Ohio. Dashcam video of stop shows white cop with a history of disciplinary issues repeatedly punching a black man and hitting his head on pavement. This reveals lies on official report by police (Euclid Police Dept. via AP).

Fair Americans oppose racist Americans.
The initial statement [official lies] from police in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid said black driver Richard Hubbard III, who was pulled over on "suspicion" of having a suspended driver's license, had refused Officer Michael Amiott's orders to "face away" after getting out of his car Aug. 12 and then began resisting.

But the video obtained this week in a public records request appears to show Amiott not giving Hubbard a chance to comply, Hubbard's attorney said Friday.
"Your own two eyes and common sense can lead to only one reasonable conclusion as to the propriety of the level of force used for a basic traffic stop and whether or not my client had a chance to comply," attorney Christopher McNeal said.

The dashcam video shows Amiott opening the car door and Hubbard getting out. Within a second of Amiott ordering him to "face away," the video shows the officer grabbing Hubbard's arms and wrestling him to the ground in the middle of a street as Hubbard's girlfriend jumps out of the car and rushes over.
The video shows Amiott bashing Hubbard's head against the pavement several times and then punching him in the head more than a dozen times as Hubbard tries to defend himself.

"Babe, stop!" Hubbard's girlfriend implores, kneeling on the road and screaming as Officer Amiott illegally punches him repeatedly. More

Racist police commit unprosecuted felonies?
This is what I meant when I said don't be nice.
Dashcam video of a white officer with a history of disciplinary issues assaulting and repeatedly punching a black man shows a different sequence of events than how Ohio police had initially written in an official police report about the incident. Euclid police initially said 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III refused orders and resisted arrest after an Aug. 12, 2017 traffic stop. But the video shows Officer Michael Amiott immediately wrestling Hubbard to the ground after Hubbard gets out of the car and is told to face away. Officer Amiott has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation [but as a white officer beating a black man is likely to receive only high fives and back slaps of approval in the police station locker room]. More

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