Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nazi Barbies without make up (photos)

(, );;;; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Could you believe this, Sarah? I'm Nazi Barbie not these dummies. - I'm Caribou Barbie.
Dress crinkle above Mueller's wrist/cuff suggests he is grabbing her ass, as Tadolf claims.

I would grab her by...
Tadolf Swiftler's not duking it out in court with the DJ, who allegedly grabbed her "bare ass," for the money. [She's got enough of that as a famous brand that should be called Taylor Swift Incorporated].

She's doing it to set an example for others to say NO to ass grabbing.

Not what I had in mind.
Tay's in court this week with her lawyer, who just said in opening statements...

Tay's only seeking $1 in her counter-suit against former DJ David Mueller on principle -- because she believes what he did is assault.

Swift's lawyer also told the courtroom... Tay's absolutely certain Mueller grabbed her butt and is going to declare it on the stand.
Chinese Tadolf (courtroom artist)
DJ Mueller's attorney, however, says David "unequivocally denies" he touched Swift in an inappropriate way, and his career has been ruined by her butt grab allegations.

He originally sued her, claiming she defamed him by saying he groped her rear end. More (from TMZ)

Human Barbie takes off make up, doctors are stunned

I'm better looking than this Bitch Barbie!
Many little girls play with "Barbie" dolls when they are young. Most of them don’t grow up to literally want to be Barbie.

Valeria Lukyanova did. The story of the Human Barbie Doll is a strange one to say the least.

She has spent her adult life looking as much as she can like Barbie and maintaining a kind of life that is very doll-like. The more we hear her speak, the more strange everything becomes.
Before surgeries 
I'm better looking than Tay-Tay any day.
Let's start at the beginning: Here (at right) we see Valeria before she did anything to herself, in terms of cosmetic surgery, hair, or makeup.
She is very talented with her makeup, transforming herself to look like the living form of Mattel’s Barbie Doll. Her story goes from cosmetic to just plain strange over the course of the years. Go through the evidence and decide for yourself just how weird it goes.
Megyn Kelly fired after show tanks

I'm better than all these dumb Barbies!
Last night (Aug. 9, 2017) Alex Jones was on Coast to Coast  talking about how Megyn Kelly used her sexuality to lure him onto her show to entrap him and twist his words. His show,, got a big boost from his appearance, he claims, and a big windfall of sales to continue programming on various platforms, particularly YouTube.

Obese, raspy Alex  Jones (left) and sexpot Megyn Kelly who uses her wiles to seduce (Fox)
Mama hates these rich skinny b*tches.
Alex Jones dissembles and exaggerates even lies sounds so much like Pres. Trump that it's very had to believe anything he says even when he's telling the truth and actually revealing something said to him by knowledgeable sources. He is often the source of disinformation, wittingly or more likely unwittingly.

Jones is not helping his case as a credible broadcaster by saying things like, I only speak the truth given that recently he said his whole mad man schtick was an act, as he said when his wife divorced him and he would say anything to save his ass(ets) and access to his Jewish children

Why are you talking about Megyn and not me?
Whatever Jones says -- bragging about himself and his centrality in stories or kissing Host George Noory's "ass," as he repeatedly begged Noory not to think he was doing -- he is not likely to be believed now.

He went into Trumpian contortions to deny that he ever said anything declarative or conclusive about the fake Sandy Hook deaths and other accusations that have much troubled him.

He blamed his audience for those claims. [It does seem Sandy Hook was a hoax attack, but no one is allowed to say any such thing because it implicates the powers that be, so it is labelled a "conspiracy theory" and dismissed out of hand.]

Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones: NBC News underfire for "botched" rollout of Kelly on eve of interview
I'm not a liar.! I only speak the truth. Oh, but I'm just playing a character as "Alex Jones."
(Fox News, June 17, 2017) NBC’s storied news division is coming under heavy fire for what its critics say is a botched handling of its new hire Megyn Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – and for its overall rollout of Megyn Kelly as a broadcast network news star.
NBC is determined to air the Jones interview Sunday evening despite enormous pressure to cancel it from parents of children who died in the Sandy Hook massacre, which Jones has previously alleged was faked. More

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