Saturday, August 26, 2017

Make love, not war: Science of [Oral] Sex

Emma-Louise Pritchard ( UK); Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
A real woman paid model having a, ummm, spasm (Getty Images/
    I was a victim of sexual abuse.
    TRIGGER WARNING: Frank discussion of adult consensual sex! Wisdom Quarterly is sex-positive. Craving and clinging to sex, the idea of sex, and/or the five strands of sensuality is an obstacle to success in meditation and insight and a danger to morality/virtue, making it difficult to uphold the Five Precepts. Yet, sex itself is a human pastime. The Human Plane (Manussya Loka) is a collection of worlds in the Sensual Realm (Kama Loka). Sex, healthy sex, is not the same as craving, grasping, clinging, or obsession with sensuality, which is certainly an obstacle. For those who aspire not to enlightenment and nirvana -- wisdom and liberation from all suffering -- in this very life but to a fortunate rebirth, even rebirth in celestial/heavenly worlds (Deva Loka) below the Brahma Lokas, if the Five Precepts are maintained, avoiding "sexual misconduct" (kamesu micchacara), sex need not be an obstacle to a good Buddhist life. Avoid harm.
      Is casual sex bad for you? A scientist explains at a TEDx Talk, College of Wm. & Mary
      Porn abuse leads to erectile dysfunction.
      Apparently, the reason women like to give oral sex is [allegedly, according to scientific speculation] because swallowing a man's semen can help a woman's body become accustomed to his DNA. This, in turn, helps the woman during pregnancy because her body will not see the fertilized semen as "foreign," which could lead to pregnancy disorders.

      As to why men like to give oral sex, the findings revealed a seemingly shallower intention: to stop the woman from cheating. Yes, the [scientific] study suggests that the more oral sex a woman received, the less likely she is to cheat. All very sexy, isn't it?

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