Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Insight LA: Salzberg, Byron Katie, Catherine...; Wisdom Quarterly

Only a few seats left for Sharon Salzberg's daylong
Imagine a happiness that is not shaken by the conditions of the world around us: a kind of inner happiness that is open and stable, curious and wise. Sharon Salzberg offers a pathway to discover and cultivate such happiness through meditation in her NY Times bestselling book, Real Happiness: A 28-Day Program to Realize the Power of Meditation, now in its second edition with a new introduction, updated scientific research, and expanded guided meditations.
Meditation is far simpler, more fun, less esoteric, and much more relevant to the wide-ranging situations we encounter in everyday life than we might imagine. Rather than an ornate, arcane set of instructions, meditation consists of practical tools to help deepen concentration, mindfulness, and compassion. We can rely on these tools when we feel out of control of events or when we want a quality of happiness that is less fragile and dependent on shifting conditions. During this daylong retreat we will explore our notions of happiness, strength, aloneness, and possibility. We’ll practice mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation along with dialogue and discourse. Suitable for new and experienced meditators.
In addition to the day of practice, Sharon will be the guest of honor at an intimate benefit dinner for InsightLA. The dinner will be held at 6pm following the daylong at a private home in Nichols Canyon. The cost of the benefit dinner is $500.

Santa Monica


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