Monday, February 3, 2020

Where the Bible comes from (video)

Paul Wallis, The Fifth Kind, 12/15/19; Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

A scary truth about the origins of the Bible
This documentary corrects the way we think about the Bible and the history of humanity's origin. What implications does it have for us today? In his book Escaping from Eden (UK), author Paul Wallis documents the pre-biblical Sumerian creation story.

The word Annunaki means “Those who came from the heavens to earth,” a term that makes clear their extraterrestrial origins.

The Bible Unearthed
Many of the world’s mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings that were not but came to be called “gods.” Then the job of ruling got handed over to human governors, regents, and kings at a later stage.

The origin of the Judeo-Christian Bible is the ancient Sumerian text. The very same story is found in both accounts, only the Sumerian is much older. It predates the biblical account by thousands of years.

Ancient Aliens
The Sumerian story begins with rulers coming down from the skies/heavens. The glyph for these rulers is a symbol pointing to the sky. Those who came from the sky, the Annunaki, claimed to be from the heavens. They were sky people.

It can be a lot to take in, but suddenly many things become clear.

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