Monday, February 3, 2020

Out of Eden: ETs engineered humans?

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Paul Wallis (, 5/1/20)

Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach that the Human Race was Created by God or Engineered by ETs?
Escaping from Eden (Paul Wallis)
The familiar stories of the biblical Book of Genesis affirm that a God created the universe, earth, and humans.

However, various anomalies in the text clue us in to the fact that we are reading unoriginal versions of these stories.

Where are the original stories, and what do they say about who we are and where we came from?

What was the earlier documented narrative of human origins that was nearly obliterated from the Hebrew scriptures in the 6th century BC and suppressed in Christian writings of the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD?
The answers are in the earlier Sumerian texts and cylinders, which talk about the extraterrestrials or "powerful ones" we came to call "gods."

Escaping from Eden takes us on a journey around the world into the mythologies of ancient Sumer, Mesoamerica, India, Africa, and Greece to reveal a profound secret hidden in plain sight in the texts of the Bible.

Far reaching and deeply controversial, this book points to truths about ourselves -- our history and potential -- that we may have suspected but not dared to speak. More

"A courageous service...a new perspective on the creation and engineering of man[kind]."
"Takes us on a journey we will never forget."
- "Coast to Coast" radio Host George Noory

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