Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dr. Joe Dispenza: DMT, pineal, breath (3/5)

Dr. Dispenza via Motivation Manifested; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
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DMT, Pineal Gland, and the Piezoelectric Effect
I can see colors and feel bliss.
Dr. Joe Dispenza provides a detailed explanation on how to contract the muscles of the body together with breathing in order to accelerate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, apply gentle pressure to the pineal gland ("third eye" or Buddhist dibba cakkhu) at the center of the brain, and create very profound metabolites including benzodiazepine and DMT (the "spirit molecule," di-methyl-tryptamine). More
HIGHLIGHTS: 00:10 - Psycho-neuro-immunology, 01:40 - Anatomy of Supernatural Breathing, 02:43 - Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Inductance Field, 04:00 - The Pineal Gland, 05:10 - The Pituitary Gland (Oxytocin + Vasopressin), 07:00 - Piezoelectric Effect, 09:00 - Serotonin, Melatonin, Inner Visions (DMT), 10:40 - Joe's Personal Experiences, 11:28 - Moving into the Unknown, 12:30 - Biological Upgrade, 13:25 - How to Breathe Supernaturally.

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