Saturday, July 11, 2020

Interrogated by Hitler (Carol Burnett comedy)

Carol Burnett Show Official, 11/15; Pfc. Sandoval, S. Auberon, P. Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Classic American TV program, The Carol Burnett Show featuring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman as Nazis in the Gestapo, made the U.S. laugh for years.

"Interrogator" from The Carol Burnett Show
A P.O.W. (prisoner of war, played by Lyle Waggoner) is being held for questioning by German Gestapo agents, but he won't talk until the Furher Adolf Hitler (played by Conway's hand) begins to interrogate him. The Carol Burnett Show is available on DVD.

Sexual innuendo and Cher in Native American redface with Carol Burnett
Carol Burnett Show is not what “CBS” used to stand for, but for 11 seasons through 278 episodes, this star-studded sketch-comedy, song-and-dance extravaganza became entertainment central for the CBS network and TV viewers ever since.

Taped in front of a live audience at Hollywood’s CBS TV City Studio 33, The Carol Burnett Show featured clever, dazzling production numbers in an intimate environment, thanks to strategic camera placement that brought actors and audience closer.

Burnett operated in a relaxed theater setting that allowed her to take questions, cut loose with her famous Tarzan yell, and join fellow performers like Vicki Lawrence to have a laugh or sing a song. The show received 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in TV history. TIME Magazine named The Carol Burnett Show one of the "100 Best TV Shows of all Time," and Carol Burnett has been honored with more People's Choice Awards than any other actress.

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