Saturday, July 4, 2020

Lancaster defies CA gov; illegal US fireworks

Walt Disney World, Florida (virtual 4th of July fireworks show); CBS News Los Angeles (KCAL 9, July 1, 2020); Inside Edition, July 4, 2020; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

4th of July fireworks show still on in Lancaster in defiance of California governor
Mayor Rex Parris said Lancaster still plans to put on a 2020 Fourth of July show Saturday at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. Brittney Hopper reports.

Why all the illegal fireworks this year?

Why fireworks are popping up in states where they're illegal
There has been a mysterious surge in illegal fireworks across the country, from densely populated cities to suburbs where fireworks are equally illegal.

One crisis after another is planned (
New Yorkers fed up with their city’s failure to curb the thousands of noisy fireworks being set off each night surrounded the mayor’s mansion last night. Protesters honked their car horns to awaken the mayor to show him what they’ve been living through. Some suspect fireworks are being brought across state lines from places with more relaxed laws. Los Angeles is suffering like never before, with weeks of night bombardment as police do nothing, not even drive around or set up posts looking for perpetrators.

Disney live stream of 4th of July fireworks
The parks are closed, and there are no fireworks this year, but let's watch tons of fireworks from past July 4th streams as well as many other streams and videos that featured amazing Disney fireworks.

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