Monday, July 27, 2020

China treats Uighurs like Tibetans (video)

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, HBO, 7/26/20); CC Liu, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

First China hit Tibetans, now Muslim Uighurs
This giant area, Xinjiang, is where Uighurs live.
XINJIANG, China - John Oliver discusses the severe human rights abuses against the Uighur people, whose land in the northwest was incorporated to be part of the Han people's China. Uyghurs (\wee-gers\) are facing at the hands of the Chinese capitalist-communist government, and why these atrocities are worth our undivided attention.

It wasn't just us. Now the Uighurs are getting it.
For just as Tibet was invaded, occupied, and dismantled with its population ethnically cleansed or disappeared, there is a target on Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other territories and minorities who are not Han Chinese.

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