Monday, July 20, 2020

Help. I'm hot, 21, and have no friends (video)

Myra West, 8/19; DT; Ananda (Dharma Buddhist Meditation), Jen, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

21 Years Old: I Have NO Friends
In this video I [Myra West being hot and of sound mind] give a quick timeline of my life since childhood, and how I have never had friends. Now I'm 21 [now 22, neurotically anxious, and still single with no friends], trying desperately to make friends, and it's just not working out. I'm sure there are people who can relate."

I'm Gus Dapperton. I help the Supalonely.
Have you reached out to Gus Dapperton? He seems nice. All that going to church, you'd think some nice boy-next-door would take an interest. Myra, this sounds like a case of karma (our deeds now or what we do, and our deed before or what we've as both bear fruit).

I was homecoming queen. Now I've got ink.
This is good news because there's something we can do about it, but "bad" news because it seems to say our results are only our doing. Things are not only our doing, but there's something we can do: Karma means "intentional action."

A certain sage revealed the Four Bases of Popularity* (Sigalovada Sutra), which would eventually bring us close and warm friends plus many acquaintances and fans. The popularity may make it hard to be an introvert, so become an AMBIVERT. Enjoy the company and de-stress with joyful solitude sometimes. will help with meeting people. Thanks for joining.

I'm so lonely (Jomny Sun).
Only a change in our ACTIONS (thoughts, words, deeds) will bring about a change in our situation. Myra, how do we learn what to change? The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to us or to explain itself. No person is obliged to like us, feel comfortable around us, befriend us, or reach out to us. People want things. We want things, too. Stop expecting handouts. Let's make ourselves valuable and desirable. It goes for everyone. Add value. And even when we learn, if we learn, it will take PRACTICE, which means jumping out of our comfort zone. It'll be scary, and fun, and terrifying, and sad, and unfair, and that's life. Think of all the unseen beings (angelic devas) around us encouraging us and holding our hands to help us adjust to the human world.

*KARMA: Four things to be Popular
There are four bases of popularity.
1) Generosity, (2) sweet speech,
(3) Helpfulness to others,
(4) Impartiality to all,
As the case demands.

These four winning ways [called the Four Bases of Popularity] make the world go round,
Like a linchpin a moving car.
If these in the world were not found,
Neither mother nor father would receive
Respect and honor from their offspring.

But since these four winning ways
The wise praise and approve in every way,
To eminence they attain,
And praise they rightly gain. More

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