Saturday, July 11, 2020

"Beware of liberals" warned Malcolm X (video)

Malcolm X: "Beware of liberals." Why it's more relevant than ever
You Republican? - You're out-lefting the left, sir.
Malcolm X, speaking about Barry Goldwater [the Donny Trump'water of his day], made an incredible point about how a Goldwater presidency would have woken people up to the injustices inherent in the Establishment. It is just the same with corrupt narcissist 45 because had criminal right-leaning Hill and Bill Clinton gone back to the White House, it would have been business-as-usual in the Washington Swamp. Trump has done nothing to drain it, but he has highlighted its inherent flaws and injustices -- infuriating and alarming everyone in the process. Obama misled the world being all liberal/radical promise and no product. Stand up comedian Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

Biden is a moron, embarrassment, and awkward. The DNC can't be serious.

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