Thursday, July 9, 2020

Karens, behave: CAREN Act, law (video)

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CAREN Act: Lawmakers trying to pass law to penalize Karens making false 911 calls

A "Karen" (Chad or Ken for men) is a dangerous female exhibiting white privilege, calling police on Black people in the expectation that she will be believed and the Black person will be harmed by a racist justice system that begins with aggressively racist police responders.

What is this bitch Karen doing calling cops?
California State Assembly member Rob Bonta in June 2020 introduced Bill AB 1550, which classifies fraudulent, racially discriminatory 9-1-1 calls as hate crimes. Under the bill, someone making such a call could be sued for up to $10,000.

In July 2020, San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton introduced the Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act (CAREN Act). The legislation would change the San Francisco Police Code, making the fabrication of racially-biased emergency reports illegal. More

The Habit of Surviving

The Habit of Surviving is a book by Kesho Scott about four Black women who talk candidly about their lives, their roles as wives, mothers, and daughters as well as their work, set in the context of the history of Black women in America. The daily grind of dealing with micro/macro aggressions is wearing on a person and is the source of much grief for Blacks discriminated against in the U.S.
(Kathryn Graves) Racism in NY: bag lady goes ape S on Black Yale student

(NY 4) It may be getting worse, and now it's being filmed, Will Smith.

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