Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Exposing gay RAP hip-hop culture (video)

SAINt JHN "Roses"; Stranger Than Fiction, XSplit, BBM Young Diesel, 3/19; Bauhaus "Party of the First Part," The Devil and Daniel Mouse; Sheldon S., Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
WARNING: Profanity! Celebrity secrets! Graphic descriptions of gay sex, prison, sexual rituals!

Exposing truth about the rap music industry
I luv how accepting rappers secretly are of gays.
While it may seem difficult to believe that the most popular form of American music is rife with homosexuality, prison rules, gay hazing rituals, drug abuse, Satanism, and childhood sexual trauma, here are the artists confessing or bragging about it themselves.

More often they are seen "acting out" while intoxicated or frustrated or yearning to be honest rather than feel shame and hide secrets.

Catholic priests are not the only ones preying.
The truth comes while suddenly-famous artists are being interviewed by fans trying to learn more about their experience, how they achieved their success, how they are handling being in the music business, and what they plan for themselves. One has to see it to believe it.

The compilers of these clips seem to be attempting to warn aspiring newbies as to what's really in store for them if they are to succeed and play ball with the other successes, who themselves were subjected to these hazing rituals and abuses.

"I discovered the...planet was being lied to and was put upon a spell to keep us unaware of it."
It's tough to sell out and still fight the power.
It's good to shed light on the behind-the-scenes activities. Those who say, "Anyone who reveals these secrets should not" is advocating keeping everyone in the dark, promoting ignorance and hypocrisy when things leak or someone dies/is killed.

Homosexual/Gay Hip-Hop Agenda Exposed
After, Americans in general are more willing than ever to accept homosexuality. Few, however, are willing to accept lies, hypocrites (those who say one thing while doing another), or tricking (conning, hustling, snaring) young newcomers as if they were arriving in prison, newcomers who had no idea what was in store in this industry.

The closet is crowded. Just look at Tyga or Sean Puff P Diddy Combs or Drake or Will Smith or LA radio DJ Big Boy or Li'l Wayne and the women of hip hop and rap. The truth wouldn't hurt if we hadn't been lied to to begin with.

"Party of the First Part" (Bauhaus)

Those for whom it is too hard to bear, maybe it's all taken out of context and not bisexuals. And maybe none of this is new in show business, as the animated video shows.

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