Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting high in Afghanistan (video)

Let's get bombed, I mean stoned, no, wait, wasted. Let's get completely wasted... The US War on Afghanistan, Dec. 6. 2011 Kabul Shiites, victims of strategic bomber pad off with US fund with traumatized girl screaming for her family to come back to life (AP).
Addiction: Afghanistan's Secret Shame. We made opium brick from poppy flower pods and their exudations, but we weren't dumb enough to smoke it ourselves until things got really bad.
The children of Afghanistan, so innocent they don't know they're doomed (
Afghan girls flying on Afghan carpet, circa 1876 (Historic Afghanistan/Bellaesqh)
Afghan Girl
Laila Re (bellaesqh)
Wisdom Quarterly's Afghan poet, Laila Re
To be an Afghan girl
is not as simple as it may seem
We live in harsh conditions
That war and poverty bring

But wombyn still is queen
Descent of ancestral royalty,
not born of material things but inner riches

We remember her in all her beauty
and mourn the loss of the society where we all once lived
We all pray and grieve for times when our ladies lived supreme
And hope one day to rebuild that dream.

The U.S. pays Afghan warlords
("Afghan Warlords") The U.S. pays us! Despite shady pasts, powerful Afghan warlords are  supported by Washington, D.C. in return for fighting rival drug-traffickers and the CIA's own creation, the Taliban. Journeyman takes a look at America's "pragmatic" approach.

How to deal with Vietnam war era US trauma?
Begin in
dear god show me a sign
tell me where i’ve been blind
cause i don’t
really know what to do anymore
but i do know
the revolution lives within
should i start to begin in?
should i start to begin in?

Threats build against journalists in Afghanistan
(Weekend Edition Sunday
Father Najeeb Michaeel shows off one of the many Christian manuscripts he saved from Iraq's Christian libraries.
Iraqi Christianity
A new report by Human Rights Watch details the dangers Afghan journalists face from the Taliban. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Najib Sharifi about the government's failure to protect journalists [even under the administration of the nation's newly hand selected US-backed government]. AUDIO 
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama walk through the gardens between official meetings at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on Sunday, the first day of Obama's three-day trip.
U.S. Warlord B.S. Obama and new Indian Prime Minister Modi (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty)

U.S. and India announce new ties on first day of Obama's trip
Pres. Obama will be in India for three days. He is the first U.S. president to visit the country twice while in office. Obama and PM Narendra Modi also discussed defense and climate change.

Dengue Fever's latest album is The Deepest Lake.
Dengue Fever: retro U.S. pop music, Cambodian-style! Brothers Ethan and Zac Holtzman formed the band in the late '90s, inspired by 1960s Cambodian psych-rock. NPR Host Rachel Martin speaks with them and singer Chhom Nimol about their album, The Deepest Lake. Listen 6:55 (Marc Walker).

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