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We are being led to war by our own propaganda

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
"Charlie is here" to serve as part of the pretext for WW III battles by the West (CO).
Supporters of a Pakistani religious group Fidaiyan-e-Khetm-e-Nebuwwat protest USA, France, and Israel, represented by flags, and chant slogans equivalent to our, "What do we want? - Respect! When do we want it? - Now!" during a demonstration against caricaturing sensitive religious matters by the West, such as the French magazine Charlie Weekly, in Karachi, Pakistan, Sat., Jan. 17, 2015. Hundreds of supporters were brought out in the Pakistani port city in defense of the beloved Prophet Muhammad as precious to Muslims as the Prophet Jesus (Isa) is to Christians and Moses is to Jews (AP).
This is how "empire" gets done
How do you manufacture consent?
In brief, we (our military "psy ops" and spying agencies) create fictitious "enemies" out of real people and then go to war against them. In the process, groups like the CIA, NSA, mainstream media, and military propagandists "manufacture" our consent. Sex may grab quick attention, but it is FEAR that sells war, fear that pays for munitions, fear that gets us to go along with whatever our vicious -- greedy, angry/aversive, deluded -- leaders say. Islam is not the problem, nor are stage managed "terror" attacks that have us waging a global war on a tactic. 

It's unwinable by design, and it is the perfect target for war profiteers because it is endless. We would always be fighting, like the time we had the War on Drugs while the CIA was bringing in drugs, taking the profits to fund their exploits in Central America, and then jailing a select group of Americans who got caught with even the tiniest amount of anything labelled illegal. Now the most deadly and illegal thing to get caught with are prescription drugs without a prescription, a felony.

We said that madness had to stop, but we're willing to let this nonsense stand? Irony: Let's fear the backlash from satire. (Never mind that it's fake! It's a pretext used to deploy plans for war and attacks. It's not what's happening). Good idea; George Carlin and Lenny Bruce would be proud of after all they went through. "They hate our freedom," and that's why they blow up our buildings...unless it's Timothy McVeigh, he's cool because he's one of us. Oh, Kim Jong Un is mad about "The Interview," attack! Oh, Muslims are mad about a video up on YouTube for months that they hadn't noticed before. Yeah, look, we can prove it, because we got some guys to march in a rally with signs printed in English and they stepped on a flag!

Oh, those jihadists are mad about French cartoons after more than ten years, attack! (The real reason for the staged "attack"? So the French government could approve of war without too much backlash from those darn peace activists. It worked; they voted 488 to 1 to back our U.S. military-industrial complex's bombing of more parts of Africa than we were already busy destabilizing! (Hey, and look, the Chinese have jumped into the fray, too, by deploying a battalion with drone and surveillance support to "protect their interests," that is, their financial investments just like we do all the time!)

Oh, Islamists hate French deli slices, attack! Oh, two guys shot at a Belgium SWAT team sneaking up on them with guns, lock down the country, then help America attack! Greece sniffed out some "terrorism," attack! All of Europe is under attack, attack! Come on. Who could believe any of this false alarm news all over TV and NPR? If you can, then read about Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four about how to successfully run an authoritarian state. It's the same thing all over again.
  • On Friday at 5:00 pm Yassamine Mather told Suzi Weissman on "Beneath the Surface" about the roots of "Islamist fundamentalism" and the MYTH that the Paris attacks were caused by outrage from the provocations of an irreverent weekly magazine and its crude cartoons.
  • On Sunday (Jan. 18, 2015) at 1:00 pm, Pacifica Free Speech Radio's "Middle East in Focus" exposed how we are all being lied into war. Listen:
U.S. business as usual
Crude caricatures, possible satire, can offend.
Just a half century ago in the West, anyone who dared to make fun of religion or Christian/Catholic idols would have been pilloried. It would not have been tolerated. And there are still many places throughout the country where one will be attacked for insulting someone's faith or religious identity. Yet we hold ourselves up as paragons of openmindedness, secularism (like Iraqis used to), and liberalism. Actually most of our population is Puritan-leaning nominal Christians who, like many people around the world, identify with groups.
Hi, I'm J. Jewison, and Israel is outraged!
This is where we get our self-image and social standing. And religion is one of the most significant markers we use. Somehow, however, we are being duped to imagine that other people around the world are fanatical and unreasonable when they are just behaving normally. Someone is playing us, pitting us against one another. For what reason? Dividing people allows governments to pit populations against one another. War is profitable, very profitable, for private parties. It is a gross drain on the public, but it enriches a few, such as bankers, industrialists, Wall Street financiers, and politicians who wave the flag and tell us all the killing, drone attacks, internationally illegal assassinations, and imperialism is "moral" and "right" and done in the name of fear, our fear. Do something really radical: Love instead of giving in to hate/fear (what Buddhism calls dosa). Speak truth in a time of universal lies. After all, it is a well known fact that "Truth is the first casualty of war."

"The true story of Little Jesus," December issue of Charlie Weekly (cotocrew)
Untouchables (Charlie Weekly)
Belgium welcomes becoming a police state overnight over some alleged discoveries of "terrorist plots"? Paris does not mind 10,000 armed police pointing rifles at anyone they want and threatening to shoot anyone they fear or misunderstand? No running! Paramilitary police will not tolerate running or any other ordinary behavior that they may feel threatened by (such as demonstrations or protests). Europe is happy to reveal how far along countries are to Orwellian-style authoritarian rule? And we will accept it out of FEAR, also known as "terror" and fear-prevention?
  • The CIA's radical Islam (Saudi Arabian Wahhabism): Why do our intelligence/psyops/propaganda agencies fan the fires of racist hatred? To promote war and our U.S. war economy
  • AUDIO: "Beneath the Surface with Suzi Weissman," Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, 5:00 pm
  • Beneath The Surface w/Suzi Weissman Yassamine Mather on the roots of Islamist fundamentalism and the myth that the Paris attacks were caused by outrage from the provocations of an irreverent magazine. Paul Mason on Syria and the upcoming Greek Elections. 
  • 2015 Predictions: BRICS and Drones may break my bones Expect vicious verbal attacks, website cancellations, takedowns, and threats of violence to emerge and a huge discussion on "freedom of speech." This is aimed at the truth movement. We may see copycats on posting murder in advance of MK-Ultra mass shootings in the Midwest. 
  • We condemn anti-Islam blasphemy along with Muslims egged on and stage-managed by PR firms and CIA assets (as if street marchers would have clear signs in English and would be targeting their messages)

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