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CIA should shoot all cartoonists! (CARTOONS)

I. Rony, Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Seven, Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
Vigil in defense of crude cartooning: Je Suis Charlie Hebdo, "I am Charlie" (

Je Suis "Charlie"? Hey, you can't make fun of grown up Charlie Brown! (Family Guy)

Chalie Hebdo cover adopts "Charia" Law: "100 lashes if you don't die laughing!" (wiki)
Christ (West), Buddha (East), Oshun (Africa), Kwan Yin (China), Shiva (India) with saying by Rumi (Sufi-Muslim): "When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music."
Americans are fat and ugly and stupid...and we have constipation (lol/WQ).
Hey, Poncho! - My name is Rao. - Hey, Raul! Whatcha' doin' there, bro-ski?

Why we NEED satire
CIA Telethon raises money (American Dad)
Our United States of America "military-industrial complex" funds, backs, and occasionally cheers on a secretive outlaw organization that works hand in hand with the Pentagon, White House, and U.S. military (all branches).

Putin/Bush Hitler reincarnations
Its main function, when not running illegal programs to augment its own funding and fight other quasi-governmental spying organizations, is to gather intelligence (spy), assassinate democratically elected leaders, destabilize functioning economies of governments and administrations not favorable to U.S. corporations (industries), policies, and strategic geopolitical ambitions. It is part of our imperial armed forces.

The priest throttled me. God doesn't want to see your t-ts, you st-pid b-tch! I held up my sign: "Catholic Church, out of my body" refusing to give in to child molesting patriarchs! (F)

US: guns over liberty!
What better way to set up pretexts for invasions, torture prisons, control of the geopolitical "Middle East" than to make sure some small radicalized segment of a larger group stage big showboat events?
In the U.S. there are false flag plane crashes, government run drug imports, school shootings, demonstration bombings (Boston, Oklahoma), racist police violence, and "violations" of our way of life.

Wake up, America! Be free!
Abroad, it is all about car bombings, suicide bombings, defacing treasures (think Buddhist Bamiyan, Afghanistan by the CIA's Taliban or the looting of the Iraq/Mesopotamian National Museum when the U.S. invaded Baghdad), and senseless "terrorist" atrocities.

This is particularly true in invaded countries -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. -- where our U.S. military-industrial complex is bent on starting or continuing to make money by war-profiteering. What is war-profiteering? It is when private contractors fill their pockets by emptying public coffers. Gen. Smedley Butler said it nearly a century ago:

I love this corporation, I mean, country!
"War is a racket" and it always has been. Ex-government workers are future corporate employees, shareholders, and board members. Mr. Dick (Cheney), meet Halliburton.

Mr. Bush, meet the Carlyle Group. Mr. Obama/Soetoro, don't worry, we'll find a nice job for you, because you were well groomed and know how to play ball!
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite? Not in the USA. Not in France either as migration causes tension and racists and/or religiously inspired violence becomes the scourge of Europe and the Euro Zone.

Putin, you know why US gas prices are so low? Low oil prices to punish Russia for Ukraine.
Je Suis Charlie ("I am Charlie [Hebdo]") agrees Jon Stewart, just like the CIA wants him to. Let's all rally around our rights and look the other way when warmongers torture and kill in our name. Stewart doesn't make 30 million a year for being radical. No, he gets it for playing ball while seeming to be subvert the system he is part of (
Fergistan: new slave patrols?
The argument is simply NOT one of, "Oh do satirists have the right to make fun of people?"

Of course they do. Make fun of any public figure, any president, any police department, ANY religion -- with a good intention (not with what Ven. Pema Chodron, the famed American Tibetan-Buddhist nun, calls shenpa).
Hold people and institutions to their lofty ideals. We all want, even as many already think we have, freedom of speech and expression. But these are more idealistic dreams (inherited from French rhetoric) than lived realities in the U.S. today.

Hey, American Jackass, what are you doing, bird-watching? - Good morning, NSA guys!

FEMEN feminists topless in Palestine/Israel
In the past, in royal monarchies, there was only one person who could tell the truth to the king or queen -- the Fool, the Jester. Far from being foolish, this person represented the only party who could be honest because such honesty was clothed in humor, in jest, in jokes, in irony, in SATIRE.

Hey, are those gals topless? (Colbert)
The Jester is indispensable. And oddly but not paradoxically, it is where most of us Americans get our news today -- The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live (SNL), John Oliver (HBO). It isn't from FOX News. And our truthiness comes from The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, late night talk show stand up, the only few minutes when popular TV gets real.

In France and Ukraine we have out FEMEN, topless protesters to topple the patriarchy that dominates Western societies and Islam, too. But these are vulgar shows and cartoons, often obscene, irreverent, and disrespectful! Yes, and we need them to be just like France and Europe need Charlie Hebdo and similarly satirical publications.
Jesus is sacred and can't be teased or depicted like the Buddha is (

Hara Kiri magazine and Charlie Hebdo satirical cartooning (
Sexist religion? Misogynist Church, Inc? "Male" God? The Annunciation (
The USA and its citizens (in police departments and military) TORTURE and, according to our leaders like Dick Cheney, "[We] would do it again in a heartbeat." (
Torture? Yes, torture. We torture and lie about it. (Jen Sorensen/

Cartoonish humor can promote awareness of real-world issues like domestic violence.

U.S. condones U.S./Israeli war crimes: drone assassinations. Just ask Droney. (TMW)

Hey, you stupid anti-Semite, you can't say anything questioning Israel or saving Palestine!

Pro-NAZI rats and poor Jewish mice? Maus II: A Survivor's Tale (Art Spigelman)
Wisdom Quarterly's wished for in-house cartoonist (Saara/Arkiharha/

Cartoon PORN in the USA: princess dressing. Thanks, Disney! (vsauce/

TRUTH: slavedriver, rapist, U.S. Founding Father, former Pres. Thomas Jefferson warned us.

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