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Nazis and our U.S. "war" on drugs (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly (eds.); H. Neal Smith (; Stephen Colbert (
How does truth -- for example, as exhibited on "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" -- go unheard when presented seriously? The shows transcend politics through satire. Thomas J. Falletta takes a look at the shows' affect on news, debate, and business in Congress.
Hemp vs. marijuana -- not the same thing
The following is a compilation of historical facts. Randy William Davis and I had been independently asking the question: "Why is marijuana illegal?" Every time we found an answer, it led to several more questions. He had been looking into other political activities, mainly concerning the Nazis of Germany. He soon drew a connection between the general attitudes of the Nazis and members of the government and industries of the United States.

Much of politics beginning 1820 centered around oil and the great wealth available to those who transformed it into gasoline for the burgeoning automobile industry, home heating, lubrication, and the new idea of synthetics -- plastics.

Of the big oil families, the Rockefellers remain at the top of the heap. Those who supported them, specifically the Mellon banking family, also profited greatly. Andrew Mellon, who had invested a great deal of money in Rockefeller, was not going to lose the chance at becoming fabulously wealthy.

Does anyone need to tell us Nazis are bad?
Another client of Mellon's, the DuPont family, in addition to building companies like General Motors, was developing synthetic fibers and plastics from petroleum.

Law firms like Brown Brothers Harriman handled the legal work for these and others. Media giants like the Hearst family were more than happy to join the ranks of the exorbitantly rich by putting out whatever "news" was to their benefit. These people had no concern for the health and well-being of society at large.

Indeed, the less the average person knew, the better for the rich one. Strangely enough, it was many of these same people who were responsible for the criminalization of hemp and marijuana.

Hemp, the plant humans have used for several millennia, and the industry that provided the best in cloth, rope, [paper, sails,] and oil, had fallen on hard times. Hemp was growing luxuriously throughout America's farmland, but it was extremely labor-intensive.

Until the availability of the decorticator, hemp had to be harvested in large part by hand. American industry needed more than hemp could produce in this way.
The decorticator came on the scene in 1935, and hemp was on its way again, until the petroleum industry saw a problem: Fuel could be made from hemp that would burn cleaner, more efficiently, and with a greater supply than crude petroleum oil. Rudolph Diesel had built his famous engine intending it to burn vegetable oil, mainly hemp. 
Hemp was already well known for its lubricating ability, which was of importance to the young aviation industry. Hemp oil in an aircraft engine does not break apart chemically at high altitudes like petroleum did at the time....
Right wing hypocrisy about drugs (Tom Tomorrow/
Hemp, as almost everyone knows, is in the same family as "marijuana." The flower tops and leaves of other species of Cannabis Sativa L. It was smoked freely at many fairs in its concentrated form hashish. "Hash dens" were popular in America's bigger cities. But blacks and Hispanics were known to smoke the dried flowers and leaves. Jazz musicians of the period were widely known as smokers. Big oil and its enablers found an excuse to drive hemp away:

Claim all sorts of bad things about marijuana without making a distinction between it and hemp so that the average person will not know. Then what they and their forbears had grown up could be taken away. This was done by playing up white America's racism.

The powers that be in industry and various government agencies scared everyone by claiming that marijuana would drive users insane and lead to the abuse of more insidious drugs like heroin and cocaine.
By 1936 "Reefer Madness" was all the rage. It served as a pretext for Congress to pass the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The ecological and drug-free hemp industry was crippled. Big oil was safe.
Hitler glorified in American media (TIME)
Meanwhile, Adolph Hitler was building Germany into a war machine with the same American industrialists who wanted to ban hemp. Hitler had no oil, but Rockefeller did. With the help of these Americans, Hitler got oil. The rest of the Hitler story is well known.
After WW II, the American intelligence community turned its attention to the Soviet Union. They sought to use former Nazi intelligence agents as well as other Nazis against the Russians.
By 1955 over 10,000 former Nazis, many of them war criminals who evaded any kind of prosecution, were brought into the United States of American and put into our CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

With them they brought their hatred, inhumane experiments, and their willingness to subjugate all for the greater good of Nazism. With the help of America's right wing, they became entrenched. Their policies still rule America today.

The prohibition of hemp and marijuana was fallout -- part of a much larger attempt to control American citizens, over what we read, see, hear, eat, and smoke. The policies that led to marijuana prohibition are the same policies that have taken away rights Americans hold dearest.

This is a summarized chronology of the events of the 20th century. Because of the "War On (Some) Drugs," we now stand to lose all of our freedoms. It can be a complex concept to contemplate.

But when we look at interrelated elements in a historical context, we can begin to see how and why the government we have now is bogus.

Colbert: America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't

The following CHRONOLOGY is far from complete and may never be complete. In some instances, only those involved in the government possess the actual proof, and most of them are unlikely to share it with outsiders. In other cases, the actual proof is available, and it is used where possible. In still other instances, to quote Bob Dylan, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."
1820-Rothschilds establish leading bank in Europe. Bankers who allied themselves with the Rothschilds and those who supported the Masonic Order find themselves well off. Those who did not have it rough.
1840-During an attempt at alcohol prohibition, then attorney Abraham Lincoln states: "Prohibition makes a crime out of things that are not crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."
1842-Cannabis makes up about half of all medicines sold in America. No one reports serious problems with use.
1850-Cannabis prescribed as the prime medicine for more than 100 separate illnesses in U.S. Pharmacopoeia.
1865-Northern industrialists win War Between the States, gain power base over agricultural South, influencing westward expansion of U.S. and location of railroads. Mary Todd Lincoln prescribed cannabis for the nervous breakdown she suffered following husband (deposed President) Lincoln's assassination.
1875-California, in a blatant act of racism, bans opium smoking by Chinese. Large, well-run opium houses ran out of business, replaced by smaller, less reputable houses. Usage increases.
1876-Turkish hashish exhibition at Philadelphia's Centennial Exhibition is most popular. Fair attendees encouraged to return again and again to "enhance" their enjoyment of the fair. 
1883-First federal law against drugs. Congress heavily taxes opium smoking. First time taxation used to legislate morality instead of raising revenue. Controlled by Treasury Department.
1884-Supreme Court decision makes corporations artificial persons, giving impersonal business entities 14th Amendment protections previously reserved for human beings.
1888-Using 1883 opium taxation law as a precedent, federal government bans certain types of opium from being imported and bans Chinese from importing opium at all. Government now surrenders revenue raising in favor of controlling "morality."
1890-Standard Oil of Ohio is refining 90% of America's oil, thanks to Rothschild financing.
1894-Indian Hemp Drugs Commission report released to British. Study done in India. Judged the physical, mental, moral effects of smoking cannabis, urges against any prohibition based on "no appreciable physical injury of any kind... no injurious effects on the mind... (and) no moral injury whatever." 
1895-Rothschilds begin to finance American business. They do so primarily through the Warburgs of Germany, who were partners of Kuhn, Loeb, and Company of New York. Both Warburgs and Kuhn/Loeb would be principals of Federal Reserve Board. Rothschilds would finance Rockefeller's Standard Oil, Carnegie Steel, and the Harriman Railroad system.
1896-McKinley elected U.S. president. Marcus Alonzo Hannah from Standard Oil of Ohio raises 16 million dollars for campaign, an unheard of sum at the time.
1898-Spanish-American War starts, with William Randolph Hearst's "Yellow Journalism" fueling the fire. Hearst begins long campaign of racism against Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans and their cultural activities.
1900-Mellon Bank, the sixth largest in America, finances very successful oil "gusher" in Spindletop, Texas. In a joint venture, Eli Lilly and Parke Davis develop strain of cannabis called Cannabis Americana. Strain is a very potent Cannabis Indica for use in their medicines. MORE

For instance, the full Warren Commission report into the assassination of deposed President Kennedy will not be released for 100 years. If some serious crimes were not being covered up, why the additional delay?

No one started out with the intention of rewriting history. This project was a simple time line to keep my research and the research of Davis straight because there is so much material. The timeline took on a life of its own.
Neo-Nazis keep racism and hatred alive.
It is a companion-piece to Davis's excellent In the Shadow of the Swastika. If anyone wishes to replicate or further investigate any of this, and I urge everyone to do so, a full bibliography is provided.

Over the past seven years, these facts have checked, cross checked, researched, and confirmed any and all sources on this information that came to hand. Some of the proof is too well protected for anyone to get at right now, but as so often happens, it will leak. Then no knee jerk defense of the powers that run our supposedly free society will be able to defend it. The fact that it remains hidden already speaks ill of our alleged freedoms.

Ironic Jon Stewart mocks explosive Alex Jones (It's true, Jon).

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