Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to eat well for $50 a year (video)

Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Lisa Cianci (

This year the annual and sometimes biannual Conscious Life Expo began a "permaculture" (permanent agriculture utilizing natural, ecological, sustainable design principles and methods) lounge running concurrently with the expo along with a growing selection of Spanish language events. 

Just before the Institute of Urban Ecology's Rishi Kumar and the L.A. Arboretum's Albert Chang presented their topics, Lisa Cianci demonstrated how everyone in the USA can eat for a year for a mere $50 worth of ingredients. How is it possible? Sprouted legumes (bean seeds) and grains!

Lisa Cianci
Sprouting does not require soil or even light! All it takes is the right combination and cycling of air, water, and moisture. Then in 3-5 days we will have a bountiful harvest of nutrient dense, vitally charged, homegrown organic produce. After adding an inch of seed stock into glass jars, in a few days they will be growing out of the top! How's that for a green thumb? By sprouting grains, seeds, nuts, and beans before cooking, we are increasing their biomass (volume) up to 10 times, and the bio-availability (nutrient absorption potential) is rising up to 500%. Since the sprouting process naturally hydrates and softens them, they cook much more quickly and thoroughly. A pot of "sprout soup" is ready to eat in an amazing 10 minutes of boiling! Beyond the time savings, the real cost savings comes in when organic seed stock are bought in bulk. A 25 to 50 pound bag means big savings. There are local bulk suppliers so as to cut out the middleman. It also trains us to take responsibility for our family's food security. This way we will always have emergency back up food supplies at home.

Distribute the seeds in a sack, sprout them at home in glass jars with linen cloth, and prepare a digestible and delicious soup in addition to greens and whatever else one wishes. Sprouting is the secret, since it changes the chemistry, nutritive value, and digestibility with much higher enzyme levels. Cianci runs Cross Bull Ranch -- a private retreat, international healing center, and permaculture eco-village nestled in a sacred ancient oak grove in Topanga Canyon, California, above Malibu.
It hosts a variety of private healing, educational, family, organizational, and corporate events on the land. Check out the Event Calendar to see what's coming up next! Or book an event at the ranch by filling out the booking contact form. Or for any other inquiries, contact them!

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