Monday, February 3, 2014

Is it possible there's REAL time travel? (audio)

Buddha iterations (moni-pics)
More and more individuals are coming forward to report their personal experience -- either from secret government (military-industrial complex/CIA) service or coming back from a future able to travel for leisure or to conduct missions, as explained by "Michael."

This self-report evidence dates back from 1997. Can anyone currently believe in time travel? Some can: Stewart A. Swerdlow (Montauk Project, Philadelphia Experiment, contactee), Andrew D. Basiago, Esq. (Project Pegasus, future U.S. president, Mars teleporting), Al Bielek, Bruce Goldberg, John Titor, Brett Stillings, Laura Eisenhower, Courtney Hunt, Barry (Soetoro) Obama, and countless abducted orphans and G.I.s ("government issue," expendable soldiers) including those lost in a "time well" in an Afghan cave, as widely reported.
Our universe (loka) is very strange.
After hearing the late night radio show linked at the end of this video (see below), everyone may become a believer, no matter how hard it is to believe or think about, because this caller speaks of his dimensional time travel craft, and host Bell is taking the caller very seriously.

Before watching the video of the original call, it may be instructive to research the following Black Op (hidden budget) projects: 1. Operation Black Opera, 2. Operation Black Swan, and 3. Operation Southern Cross.

Part 1 is the first call by "Michael." Part 2 is a follow up call a month
later but placed just a few minutes later after time traveling to it.
This is not the man who called into Art Bell crying, saying he worked at Area 51 and was going to be eliminated by government agents or "Men in Black." The two sound nothing alike. This is from an interview in 1997 on Coast to Coast with the original host Art Bell (not the current apparatchik George Noory). Michael the time traveler calls in claiming to be a from the year 2037.

(MRS) Attorney Andrew Basiago reveals evidence of life on Mars and U.S.
teleportation technology beginning in a "Jump Room," a CIA site in El Segundo,
near UCLA. With his command of English, evidence, and logic is he deranged?

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Anonymous said...

Though I am not certain whether physical time travel exists, I am very certain that the "power elite" have the ability to see into the future. Something that Andrew D. Basiago calls chronovision.

We can speculate or "infer" that if they can see into the future, then can see future developments in theoretical physics and technology and thereby gain the ability to perform physical time travel. So time travel may actually exist!