Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Super Miranda," teen Craigslist Killer (video)

CC Liu, Amber Larson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Daily Mail Reporters (Feb. 17, 2014)

"Super Miranda" murderous alter-ego
How many has she killed? Real-life "Dexter" confesses to murdering close to 100 "bad people" across the US while possessed by her Satanic alter-ego "Super Miranda."
  • Miranda Barbour made the sensational claim in a newspaper interview over the weekend that she is a prolific female serial killer.
  • Regular mild-mannered Miranda
    The 19-year-old said that she stopped counting her victims after the 22nd victim.
  • She told the reporter from jail during her interview that she could have killed dozens more.
  • When pushed she said she had killed "less than 100" possessed by her Satanic alter-ego "Super Miranda."
  • She is currently charged with the murder of [bad man] Troy LaFerrara, 42, in November, whom she met with her new husband, Elytte Barbour, using Craigslist.
  • The teen mother has a son by a man who is now deceased, and his death is now part of the investigation.
  • She claims she killed La Ferrara with a knife that has a notch on it for every victim.
  • Can I go now? This sucks.
  • Police in Pennsylvania told The Daily Item that they're working with investigators from other states and the FBI to probe possible connections to unsolved murders throughout the U.S.
  • A law enforcement source close to the investigation told CNN Barbour's new claims could be "the real deal." "It's conceivable," the source said.
  • "Super Miranda" has been compared to a "real life Dexter" -- after saying she only killed people who had done bad things.
Mother Miranda with her son
The Satan worshiping Pennsylvania teenager dubbed the "Craigslist Killer" and "the real life Dexter," who confessed to more than 22 murders in a sensational newspaper interview over the weekend, states that she could have killed dozens more.

When pushed on the total number of victims she claims to have killed, Miranda Barbour, 19, blurted out a staggering figure of, "less than 100."

Explaining that she adopted a murderous alter ego she dubbed "Super Miranda" when she killed, Barbour said that she kept a favorite knife that had notches on it -- one for each of her victims. More
If I were a beautiful and fierce yakshini, might I get angry and go on a Kali-esque (protective) killing spree? Supernatural powers are a dangerous thing without enlightenment and its full complement of virtue rooted in liberating wisdom and compassion.

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