Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buddhist graffiti of San Francisco

Pat Macpherson, Dev, Wisdom Quarterly; photographer Thu Trang Ho
Amazing Buddhist mural on the streets of San Francisco (hothutrang/flickr.com)
Japanese samurai (tumblr.com)
Who makes elaborate graffiti in America's original Chinatown, San Francisco, California? It's art filled with the Buddha and Far East Buddhist mythology, Indian legend, and the ever present good luck dragons (naga kings). Religious imagery in an urban street environment is strangely uplifting. On a building, along a road, on a wall, on the side of a house, utilizing architecture for the expression of the USA's fastest growing minority community, this is what graffiti is meant to be. Just ask Banksy or TTH. How far do we need to travel for the exotic East to become an authentic West Coast experience?

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