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How to find love on OkCupid, Match (audio)

Ashley Wells, Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Caitlin Roper (Senior Ed.,; "AirTalk" (, Can a few words turn us into successful online daters?
What? We met online! It's like we've known each other for years. Miley is our role model!
Annoying Ugly Duckling transformed. Who?
Trying to look attractive on online dating profiles? Take up yoga or surfing.
According to WIRED’s analysis of “massive amounts of data” from popular dating sites OkCupid and, what people say in their profiles may play a role in how attractive other users find them to be. (Continued with audio below this simple How To).
How To Score Dates on
Agatha Thornbush, Guest Contributor
10. Tell them right up front: "NO DRAMA!!!"
First, set your standards high. Way high. It's like my firstborn's father used to say, "Aim for the stars to hit the moon." Second, be firm. Stand your ground. Don't let anybody cross your boundaries. Three, set boundaries. You've got to tell him/her right on the first date. I didn't pay good money to date a scrub. Fourth, go light on the pictures. God knows, if they're really interested, they'll wait. Whose going to want to buy Coca-Cola in cans when he/she can get Pepsi in plastic? Think. D'uh. Fifth, don't wear your heart on your shoulder. But a chip is OK. Six, make sure there grammer is impecable. 

Think his dialing finger broke?
Six, don't ask about money or a job. But keep an eye on their shoes and where they take you. That'll tell you ALL you need to know. I'm out to protect myself. Seven, make your expectations known right up front. Speak your mind; don't edit. Do you have time to waste? Because I don't have time to waste! If you don't want commitment, marriage, a house, kids, and all of it on my internal-clock's schedule, why are you wasting my time? Eighth, read The Secret and Law of Attraction, and Cosmo, and let the man chase. There are plenty of fish in the sea. What makes you think you're so special? The same probably holds true for thespians. Ninth, find me on Match, J Date, Christian Singles, Buddhist Singles, Agnostic Singles, or Catpeople for Catpeople, and let me know how it goes. Remember, "My package, my rules!" It's a lot of steps, but here they are all summarized in this short instructional video:

WARNING: Corporate situations, sexual references, language, Riff Raff!
In the good old days, no one had sex. Wink
A hard look at the 1,000 most popular words on the site and how attractive the people who use them are rated shows that the “hottest” men talk about oceans, breakfast, and live music.
The women mention fitness, Radiohead, and fashion. Attractive people of both genders overwhelmingly mention yoga, surfing, and London [associated with well heeled travel or the London Olympics?]
Another common theme for the most attractive online daters is some breaking of gender norms: Women interested in technology and men who mention crafting are rated very attractive.
That's? No way! Yes way. (
Are we a culture of "Karma Police" listening, yoga enjoying, Anglophiles?
Is the dating pool on sites like OkCupid and Match self-selecting? Does online attractiveness translate to in-person chemistry?
Maybe whom we meet is due to our "Karma Police" - Ashley
The Agatha System worked!! Wait, these are just pics of pen*ses. WT*? (F.J. Brown)

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