Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christian Pastor Vollmar converts to atheism

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; (, Feb. 11, 2014)
In this video, I am "coming out of closet." I no longer believe in God. I am an atheist now. This video, in American Sign Language with subtitles, explains my journey to doubt.

‘Jesus Christ Was…’: Deaf Pastor Who Revealed He’s an Atheist Has a Big Message for Christians
C'mon, you've got to believe in yourself.
Pastor Justin Vollmar’s revelation that he’s now an atheist captured a plethora of attention Monday. So far the ex-preacher said that reaction has been “explosive,” with Christians lamenting his de-conversion and atheists expressing their excitement over his so-called “coming out.”
The former Christian leader, who has spent the past few years releasing sign-language videos explaining Biblical concepts, has now penned an op-ed for CNN offering an in-depth recap of his journey into non-belief.
In sharing his testimony Vollmar also noted that he wants to help Christians “break free from their traditions and superstitions.”
(AT) Monty Python's Flying Circus on questioning religion

Annie Laurie Gaylord (
He detailed joining the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist sect at age 18 and his eventual transition to the belief that there is no God. Among the details Vollmar said his faith was first shaken when he was not treated well while serving in a pastoral role after college.
“I was a pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland, working 60 hours a week for little pay. My senior pastor was a harsh taskmaster, scolding me and always pushing me to work harder,” he wrote. “Meanwhile, he earned $80,000 a year and played golf two times a week. I lived in poverty and did not see my children much. I got burned out.” More

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