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The lunar "Year of the Horse" (2014)

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I had a white pony once but renounced it all.
The year 2014 is considered the "Year of the Horse" according to the Chinese zodiac, which uses the lunar calendar. It begins January 31, 2014 and ends on February 18, 2015.

The Chinese zodiac is comprised of 12 animal signs (one mythical, the others ordinary). The horse is the seventh among them. It symbolizes graciousness, dignity, momentum, and firmness. In Chinese culture, people born during the Year of the Horse are regarded as witty, elegant, eloquent, and charming speakers.

Most of them possess a gift for getting their way by going through the hearts of other people. People bearing the horse sign strive towards seeking freedom and happiness.
  • The 12 zodiac signs apply based only on the birth year. Everyone born this year, 12 years before now, and 12 years before then are all that sign. Last year was the Year of the Snake, which will happen again in 12 years. The world's zodiac charts, their astrological calendars, differ from one another, adhering to their own system and predictive value.
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Horse people are lively, bright, and are known for their physical strength. They can express themselves well when communicating with other people. People born under the sign of the horse prefer to stay at peaceful places.... (Hunger Game's catty "Katniss Everdeen," Jennifer Lawrence, is actually a celebrity horse; expect to see her on a lot of gossip magazine covers in the years to come).

Relationships for Year of the Horse
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In matters related to love horse people -- according to the Chinese zodiac -- often suffer bad luck. 

Heartbreak is often experienced by horse people. They need to exercise caution and watch out for feeble bonds that do not survive over time. 

Sometimes their propensity to indulge in overspending or their financial struggles come into their way of maintaining love bonds. They can become too dependent on others, and this makes them vulnerable. They need to watch out for the tendency to bring out feelings too quickly, long before others.

Such candor about love (infatuation) might not be taken in a positive way. And their strategies to resolve their love issues also tend to be their own. (Maybe get the advice of others in stable relationships instead of running wild). More
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