Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Good foot, Bad foot, BIGFOOT (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; former police detective David Paulides (Missing 411, canammissing.com); Sasquatch Central; CryptoWatch
Sasquatch trail cam photo, American Bigfoot Society, 2012 (Bigfoot Evidence)

(Whitley Strieber's Dreamland) Host Strieber interviews former police detective and missing persons investigator David Paulides (canammissing.com).
People are missing from National Parks, boulder fields, and other hotspots in the western US. Many of the cases go unsolved, many of them inexplicable far beyond ordinary abduction. Over the years, Stieber has amassed many missing persons cases as well, and the two compare notes and discuss what might be happening.

WARNING: This is a chilling and powerful topic that does not admit of any simple explanation -- other than Sasquatch, "fairies," or other dimensional creatures, and/or extraterrestrial and subterranean civilizations. Paulides does not make a definitive declaration about what he concludes. But having listened to more than 12 hours of interviews with him, it becomes clear that the truth is far stranger than fiction or simply Bigfoot, creatures who are at least partly human and hominids. Boulders are the key as explored in paranormal Iceland.
Good foot
(Sasquatch Central, 2013) Boy Taken Back to Camp by Female Sasquatch! Posted with permission from Chuck and Stacy of The Bigfoot Tonight Show (Facebook).
Sasquatch CentralDave W. relates a true story of a camping trip that he and his parents were on in the summer of 1969 when he was 7 years old. His memory is as fresh today as the day it happened and we can hear why. Dave wandered away from his parents' campsite late in the afternoon. Before long, as dark began to settle in around him, he noticed he could no longer hear the voices of his family. After calling out for some time with no response and the forest growing darker, he began to cry for his mother. Before long he heard heavy footsteps moving through the brush getting closer. Then emerging from the darkness was a huge "monkey man" as he called it back then except it was no male but a female Sasquatch with clearly visible breasts.

Sasquatch Watch Canada presents these photos, audio clips, videos and all documentation for educational and commentary purposes only and does not claim any ownership or liability.
Bad foot
Aggressive juvenile "demon" (rakshasa)
Mike Wooley talks to Tom from The Crypto Crew (CryptoWatch) about his face to face encounter with two very aggressive Bigfoot creatures near Many, Louisiana in December 1981. They were chasing deer while he was hunting them from a stand. One creature chased a small doe before realizing Wooley saw it from the deer stand. He then menaced him -- with "evil, Satanic" eyes, teeth clicking, and a low growl -- before whistling for back up and chasing Wooley out of the woods.

In fear we kill

(CW) Bigfoot encounter and shooting one of these beings 2013, a Crypto Crew exclusive. This phone interview with a murderer who encounters two Sasquatches ends with one of them dead. The game warden refused to take the information. Then government agents show up to cover up the incident.
All of this is fun. But the evidence is now conclusive and peer reviewed (Ketchum, et. al.) Moreover, more compelling audio evidence has been around for a long time. Not only are there corpses, there are ongoing relationships with Sasquatch individuals, who are at least partly human. These three stories do show a range of mystery and individual temperament because the worst thing we could do is think that they are all the same, "demons" or "guardians" of the forest, anymore than thinking humans or human groups are all the same. Finally, it is foolish to think that elements within the government are ignorant of the phenomenon. Just as they study the paranormal and keep their findings secret, they are well aware of this class of creatures and have their reasons for maintaining the secrecy of their findings if only to promote our misguided view of the story of how we evolved on this planet  (see Lloyd Pye on that count).

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