Friday, September 26, 2014

Police convicted, AG Holder out, Ferguson apology

The right wing vilified and demonized Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American in U.S. history to hold the post of the highest person in the justice system. Was Holder the highest? Right wing sources say he at one time dealt drugs, just as is said of Gov. Bill Clinton in Arkansas.
Jails Under Scrutiny
We have to agree with the horrible right wing that Holder was terrible -- doing little for the people yet a great deal for the banks, mortgage holders, the movers and shakers of a corrupt system of politics, finance, a military-industrial complex with aspirations to become a prison-industrial complex, a pharmaceutical-entertainment complex...

Holder/Obama, face of Old Boys' Network?
He seems little better than the utter disappointment and fraud that B.S. Obama shown himself to be. Holder remembers being a federal prosecutor and still being mistreated by D.C. police in Georgetown because of what happened to Trayvon Martin. "I work for the Man, I am the Man!" he should have told the race-profiling officer, who would in turn have shot him. And being shot, he might have actually been sensitized to what African American and Latino citizens are daily put through with stop and frisk and other civil rights violations no one pays enough attention to to actually change.

Marshall Islands Poet plea to UN Summit
There is a concept called greenwashing -- appearing to be "green" (ecological), that is, good for the environment. It is like whitewashing something dingy or filthy to make it appear sturdy and clean, like a corporate monster putting a pretty green leaf on a product when that product is poison.

Holder is like "blackwashing" a white racist injustice system he did nothing to repair or make equal. But he's a black man, not from Africa but Barbados, a scion of immigrants! Nonsense. He's an enemy to press freedom, to whistleblowers like Snowden and Manning. But he is a great freind to Wall Street and the U.S. police state.

He showed up like a johnny-come-lately in Ferguson and did what? There is another concept in public service called CYA (cover your @$$), which it seems he and Obama do well, as do Biden, Boehner, and all the other career figureheads who do nothing for Americans but oh so much for war profiteers, police, corporate heads, racist institutions. He headed the inJustice System (DOJ), the top lawgiver/law keeper. But Democracy Now! held a round table discussion to discuss Holder's tenure:
(Democracy Now!) Thursday, Sept. 26, 2014 and the heartbreaking tale of another police shooting of an innocent black man (this time in a Wal-Mart, black while shopping, murdered on sight): Shoot first, ask questions later, but you don't get a lot of answers that way.

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