Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence TOPLESS at last (video)

Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Улётное; FEMEN
"Nude photo leaks are the new slut-shaming" from JLaw to ScarJo (HuffPost)
(YB) WARNING: Pasties over boobies one can imagine one can see through! Venice Beach, L.A.
"Slut shaming" is the not so new American pastime, but now it's taken a new twist by exposing celebrity privacy to pique our prurient interest.

One response has been the phenom of slut walks. What's that?

JLaw, the new Artemis, dislikes it.
A slutwalk is an intentional demonstration or protest, exposing breasts in a public forum or on social media for the sake of gender equality. Or it may be used to call attention to some injustice, as with This may lead to the very thing demonstrators are trying to undermine or overcome: sexism, patriarchy, inequality, injustice, sexual harassment, eaveteasing, and leering.

September is YOGA MONTH in the USA.
But as Inna S., the founder of FEMEN in France [What is FEMEN?] has stated, "It's all right to look. Let men look." We are out here to get attention. And if all that ever happens is that people look, that would not be a success. But it would be a start. And if one looks and then hears the message, that is a start.

That is a minor success because we have not been able to get attention for many issues by other peaceful means.

And when police make it violent or riotous with agent provocateurs or by overreacting, that serves them, not the cause.

Wait, sexy sells stuff, like Fortune?
It seems cops on the beat hate peaceful protests because they've been called out, placed on overtime ("tactical alert") to deal with violence. So where's the violence? There is none, so let's make some to justify our presence, our paramilitary training and gear.

Antagonism, expressing our First Amendment rights does not go over well with the "authorities." They spy, they infiltrate, the provoke, and they establish pretexts. That way instead of enforcing laws or keeping the peace, they crack down on dissent and deprive citizens of a voice that we used to have so that we wouldn't act out in harmful ways.

WARNING: Full-blown toplessness calling attention to inequality!
(MM) Pride Parade, New York City 2014
I'll off that b-tch if she flashes the public.
Demonstrators are trying to help society, improve the world, bring about more equity and equality. Who would oppose that? Police in a police state. All protests, vigils, walks, or demos can be made into Orwellian "police state" events staged to show everyone through the mainstream media:

Don't step out of line. Sheep are to line up. And anyone who gets out of step, who fails to conform, will be whacked on the head. It's Whack a Mole in real life.

Ferguson racism (
Patriarchs and unconsciously-sexist teens unaware of what we're promoting or cheering for all succeed in undermining the point of the demonstration. Police (and the mainstream media with its "If it bleeds it leads" ethos) do not want peaceful protests. So they make them violent to justify violently suppressing and dispersing them. Attend a few, and this will become very obvious. But keep watching TV, and don't be surprised if you believe the lies, accept the distortions, and never quite get around to questioning the "official" story.

My body, my choice? Not if the patriarchy has anything to say about it (

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