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Vril Society: psychic women who aided NAZIS

Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; Wes Penre (black.greyfalcon.us); Patrick Cox, The World (PRI)
Vril Society: Maria, Traute, Sigrun, Gudrun, Heike went to Nazis with psychic information.

Illustration from a 1905 edition of Grimms' Fairy Tales. The dwarfs warn Snow White not to accept anything from strangers (Franz Jüttner via Andreas Praefcke/wikipedia.org).

(EO) Fractured Fairy Tales: Snow White, but Vincent Price knows it gets more gruesome in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We love fairy tales — but maybe we'd love them more if they were translated right
Disney's not what it seems.
(PRI) Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty... they are some of the best-known stories of our time. But how well do we really know these and other fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm? Probably not well at all, since we have generally read sanitized translations.

(This story is based on a radio interview. Listen to the full interview below.)
Take Snow White, for instance. Snow White’s stepmother -- or mother in some versions -- tells the huntsman to take Snow White out into the forest. In the 1823 English edition, the huntsman is directed to "lose her."

But we don't blame Walt and his ways.
In the original German, things are bit different: “I want you to cut out her lungs and her liver and bring them back to me so that I might boil them in salt -- and eat them,” the stepmother commands.
Disney, not surprisingly, opted to use the Anglicized plot -- and the rest is history.

The deliberate mistranslations and omissions have flourished ever since, according to Adam Gidwitz, author of A Tale Dark and Grim, In a Glass Grimly and The Grimm Conclusion.

(AxE) "Snow White and the Apple"

No world-swastikas allowed after WW II
Gidwitz’s versions of these stories, such as Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin, draw on the oral origins of the stories, along with Gidwitz’s favorite English translator of the Grimms’ tales: Ralph Mannheim.
“He keeps the lyric quality, as well as all the blood and gore,” says Gidwitz of Mannheim.

Gidwitz tests his versions of stories on kids. “The first time I ever told these stories to children, I was supposed to be a substitute librarian for a day,” he says. He pulled out a copy of the Grimms’ stories and opened it up to one called Faithful Johannes. In it, children get their heads cut off by their parents. More

(AFCO) Walt Disney? What a guy, influencing all the children of the USA. How proud the old Germans must be. Family Guy: "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie"

Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; text © 2009 Wes Penre (black.greyfalcon.us from servicetoone.wordpress.com) For educational use only. NAZI OCCULT STUDY GROUP
The Goddess Freyja embodied in contactee Maria Orsich and the other "Vril Society" women, the Vril Damen, Vrildamenszenarium II with help from Aldebaran (causa-nostra.com)
Hitler promised Austria  and Vril a future.
There are two secret societies that have been working in unison -- the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society. 

["Vril" is a name for a special kind of zero-point energy that emerges from the ambient environment and is harnessed as essentially "free" energy, which is made use of to propel vimanas or spacecraft. Plans for such motors was given to the Nazis in Germany by the psychic Oracle Maria Orsitch and the Vril Society women -- Sigrun, Traute, Gudrun, and Heike, who were all from Austria not Germany -- and used not for its intended purpose but for military advantage.]

Oracle Maria Orswitch in color
[Since the Nazis won WW II, as many have argued, with a name change to NASA, NSA, and OSS, CIA, and other American institutions aiming for the new world order Hitler and his supporters advocated, this energy is actually in use by many secret branches of the military-industrial complex, the marriage of corporations and government. The belief is, of course, "No, the Nazis lost and were defeated and exist no more to do the world any harm." In fact, the world domination once envisioned is well under way. And not only are there virulently racist neo-Nazis, there are old-school actual Nazis in high places.]
Those who know anything at all about how Hitler rose to power have heard about them both, because they influenced the political climate in Germany behind the scenes and were the forces that helped to bring the Führer to power.

At that time, they wanted to ring in the Third Reich and make charismatic Adolf Hitler [who was funded by Wall Street and aided and abetted by the Bush Dynasty in America and their literal NAZI forebear Prescott Bush, which went on to give us two of the worst presidents in our short history] the leader.
Although many of Hitler’s (and the occult priesthood’s) goals were reached during WW II (the creation of the UN, the relocation of Jews to Israel [where they could be used as proxies to in essence continue the Crusades and continue Western domination of the geopolitical Middle East] to mention only two of the goals they accomplished), the mission only took the internationalists so far.

Now is their time to call together a “Fourth Reich” [which seemed to be accomplished by Bush II and the Neocons led by Cheney and Rumsfeld], which will create the final One World Government.

Thule Society
The Nazis used Maria Orsich and her society Vril-Konzeption (causa-nostra.com)
What follows is a description of the Thule Gesellschaft -- starting with the “official” version and followed by the much lesser known details about the society.

The Thule Society (German Gesellschaft), originally the Study Group for Germanic Antiquity (Studiengruppe für Germanisches Altertum) was a German occultist and völkisch group [hidden/obscure group for the people] in Munich, named after a mythical northern country Thule of Greek legend.

The Society is notable chiefly as the organization that sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which was later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party. More

Who was the Oracle?
Qwerty (edited by Wisdom Quarterly) via BattleOfEarth from the Nazi site stormfront.org
The Vril Oracle Maria Orsic
"Maria Orsic, also known as Maria Orschitsch, was a famous medium who became the leader of the Vril Gesellschaft. She was born in Vienna (Austria). Her father was a Croatian immigrant from Zagreb; her mother was from Vienna. More

(Qwerty) Maria Orsic [Orsitch, Orschisch, Orschitsch] was born October 31, 1895 in Vienna, Austria. Her father’s name is Tomislav Orsic, who was born in Croatia. Her mother’s name is Sabine Orsic, who was German. In WW II Maria Orsic was a medium, an "oracle," in the Vril Society that traveled to Germany with psychic information they got/channeled telepathically. On March 11, 1945 she left a letter ending in niemand bleibt hier [“No one is staying here” -- presumably because they were promised a flight to Aldabaran]. After the war she was taken to the USA in Operation Paper Clip. She had a child named Yolanta Raffa. She did not marry anyone in the Raffa family, and her daughter would of been born between 1945 and 1950. Maria Orsic married into the Rockefeller family. (For more go here or here).

Where in the world is the "human" world?

Even Wisdom Quarterly is forced to bring up the subject of the origins of human life on Earth in the context of fairy tales, Austrian beauty queens, and mythology for fear we will be called Nazis or worse, as if we were making up what the sacred texts and preserved histories say: Whether Sumerian, Egyptian, Mithraic, Zoroastrian, Mesopotamian, Vedic, or Buddhist, these themes keep reappearing to tell us that public science isn't there yet. And while we are raised giving lip service to science, and specious claims made in the name of "science" and "evolution," the religious views are actually onto something and sometimes seem closer to actual human history than the world's contaminated scholarship. Scholars know they cannot talk about some things or advocate certain views or even investigate them or they'll be shunned by academia, industry, and the church simultaneously.

The Sumerian connection
Giant Sumerian (Aryan, Asuran) ruling over ordinary Earthling humans (xfacts.com)
Sumerian headdress (etupdates.com)
...Hess found it unnerving to watch Maria Orsic’s eyeballs rolling back, showing only the whites, and to see her slumping backward in her chair, mouth agape. However, Sebottendorff smiled in satisfaction as the voice of Eckart started coming out of the medium. Eckart announced that he was obliged to let someone else’s voice come through with an important message:

A weird voice then identified itself as “the Sumi, dwellers of a distant world, which orbits the star Aldebaran in the constellation you call Taurus the Bull.”

Ancient Iraq as Sumer and Babylonia
Hess and Schulte-Strathaus blinked at each other in surprise. According to the voice, the Sumi were a humanoid race who had briefly colonized Earth 500 million years ago. The ruins of ancient Larsa, Shurrupak, and Nippur in Iraq [Sumer] had been built by them. Those of them who survived the great flood of Ut-napishtim (the deluge of Noah’s Ark) had supposedly become the ancestors of the Aryan [Assyrian, Indo-Iranian?] race.
Why war for Middle East matters so much now
Sebottendorff remained skeptical and asked for proof. While Maria was still in a trance, she scribbled several lines of odd looking marks. Those marks turned out to be ancient Summerian characters, the language of the founders of the oldest Babylonian culture. More

Wisdom Quarterly
"Time" on an Indian scale is comparable to science's geological and astronomical time cycles.
The word Sumerian, particularly when spelled with two m's, is suggestive of the Summerland of European lore and the Sumeru of Buddhist legend. Šumeru is the way it is pronounced in ancient Akkadian, the language of ancient Afro-Asiatic Mesopotamia (see map).

It is also the way it is pronounced in Sanskrit, the common language of the neighboring Indo-Aryan India and the much older Indus Valley Civilization. The Buddha Shakyamuni (Saka-muni, "Sage of the Saka Clan) was an Indo-Scythian, an Indo-Aryan tribe in Central Asia.

The Mysterious Origins of Man
Because of the Buddhistic Theosophists Madame Blavatsky, Col. Olcott, Annie Besant, and other psychics, the Nazis became very interested in Tibet and ancient India.

They sent exploratory parties in search of ancient knowledge about the vimanas (spacecraft). One such channeled text emerged later called the Vimana Shastra, much in the way Mary Orsic channeled plans for the Nazi "bell" (Die Glocke) time-travel device and Nazi flying saucers, which were photographed and reported, even used in battle, but are ridiculed now as fanciful nonsense and propaganda. When a time travel device was discovered in Afghanistan, where the Saka or Shakyas, the Buddha's family, had their capital, while the American invasion and occupation was going on during these past 13 years, leaders flocked there.

Forbidden Archeology (mcremo.com)
Military forces and intelligence departments around the world are hungry to find and take possession of ancient technology left behind by colonizers, overlords, helpers, and invaders from space that have been visiting since before there were humans. The "gods" genetically manipulation various versions of earthling humans, and the old myths ring true from ancient sources long forgotten -- an Adam and Eve, a flood, beings of light descending from the sky in "chariots of fire," giants (the titans, asuras, nephilim, annunaki, much of which comes from the story of Gilgamesh and pre-biblical sources, for which we are much indebted to Zacharia Sitchin).

Hidden History (mcremo.com)
While the facts from many divergent lines of study converge here, no one can believe it because it is called "myth." But myth original meant something like, that which is attested to as completely true by those who know, the ancestors, the wise, the ones who handed it down as the most important information in the history of life on Earth.

The fact that Buddhist texts echo these same themes does not seem to impress anyone partly because the world is largely unfamiliar with it and partly because it is revealed in the Jatakas, the Birth Stories that are told as morality tales that were retold to the West as Aesop Fables.
  • (See Rhys Davids' Buddhist Birth Stories, which also includes a translation of the fascinating The Story of the Lineage that speaks of buddhas who lived and taught on Earth millions and even hundreds of millions of years ago. Also included in the text are the references to the Aesop Fables' origins in Buddhist sutras).
The "Birth Stories" are actually rooted in times so remote that we as modern people lied to by the mainstream media and the university gatekeepers cannot wrap our heads around the actual facts: Humanoid life existed far back and is widely distributed in space, such that the "Human Plane" (the manusya loka in Buddhist cosmology) is not limited to Earth and never was.

We would be able to understand this and other things if we studied Michael Cremo's scientific work, based as it is on the Vedas ("Knowledge Books") of the Indus Valley Civilization and later of India, which is the basis of what the Indo-Scythian Buddha talked about to ancient Indians as an enlightened seer (rishi) able to directly access those remote times. The Judeo-Christian Bible is just trying to tell the same Near Eastern myths as everyone else but in a more simplistic way filtered through the idea of many gods (like the plural Adonai and others of the Bible) as if they were all referring to one monolithic monotheistic deity who just likes a lot of different names. Biblical scholars know this now, but there is a whole credo, the foundations of the faith, and the scholarship of great apologists (like St. Thomas Aquinas) to protect. We prefer truth to protecting traditional interpretations of the what remains of sacred texts from all over the world.

And when Buddhism and Indian culture went to ancient Greece through Bactria and Hellenized Central Asia, these ideas became common currency the West takes credit for: the atom, revolutionary mathematical principles, democracy, hygiene, germ, particle physics (kalapas), the lore of the gods (devas) and titans, Vril (free energy Tesla found out about, according to his own account, through telepathic communication with off-planet sources) and so on.

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