Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wild man survives naked in Cambodian jungle

CC Liu, Pat Macpherson, Mr. Nguyen, Wisdom Quarterly; Arn Chorn Pond BBC.co.uk (BBC World Service, Monday, Sept. 15, 2014) CAMBODIA COVERAGE
Escaping the Khmer Rouge to a Thai Buddhist refugee camp (THAI-ON/flickr.com)
The jungle has no mercy, not for monkeys, snakes, leeches, tigers, or humans...
Image for Music Saved me From the Killing Fields
Music Saved me From the Killing Fields
Woodlands and jungle (bhumi deva land)
[Paul] Arn Chorn Pond survived a brutal childhood in Cambodia as a child soldier against the Vietnamese -- living naked like a half-animal "wild man" in the jungle for months trying to escape the brutality -- under the Khmer Rouge. But he was eventually able to make a new life for himself in suburban America after being adopted by an American in the Northeast, eventually settling in New Hampshire. Now he's working to save traditional Cambodian art and music.
Also: Turkish film director Kutlug Ataman is recognized around the world for his documentaries. And ghoulish Italian Cesare Bergamini has been catching and killing eels for decades. His boathouse on the River Tiber is under the Rome ringroad. More episodes

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