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Fritjof Capra: Science gets closer to Buddhism

Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; Maria Armoudian, Prof. Fritjof Capra (Scholars’ Circle, 8-31-14)
The Buddha under a vast sky, Battambang, Cambodia (Samantonio/flickr.com)
Amazing visionaries from the Buddha to the guardians and more (Pete Karnevil/flickr)
The Systems View of Life: a Unifying Vision

(Scholars' Circle) Fritjof Capra, the world-famous author of The Tao of Physics, talks about his more recent work, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision.
Capra, who is for all practical purposes now an Eastern mystic and one of Leonardo da Vinci's greatest proponents, also researched and wrote: The Turning Point, The Web of Life, The Hidden Connections, The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance, and Learning from Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius.
Dr. Capra is an eminent physicist, system theorist, science writer, and the founding director of Center of Ecoliteracy.
Feeding students, sustainable living, thinking about ecosystems (ecoliteracy.org)
The Systems View of Life
Over the past three decades, a new conception of life has emerged at the forefront of science: New emphasis has been given to complexity, networks, and patterns of organization leading to a novel kind of "systemic" thinking. Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi integrate the ideas, models, and theories underlying the systems view of life. They put it all into a single coherent framework Taking a broad sweep through history and across scientific disciplines, the authors examine the appearance of key concepts such as autopoiesis, dissipative structures, social networks, and a systemic understanding of evolution. The implications of the systems view of life for health care, management, and our global ecological and economic crises are also discussed. It is for college students and essential reading for graduate students and researchers interested in the new systemic conception of life with implications for a broad range of professions -- from psychology and law, economics and politics, to medicine.

KPFK (90.7 FM) Host Maria Armoudian (armoudian.com, The Scholars' Circle)
Kill the Messenger: The Media's Role
  • Pacifica Radio host and producer Maria Armoudian (The Insighters, The Scholars's Circle) is author of Kill the Messenger: The Media's Role in the Fate of the World and a fellow at USC’s Center for International Studies, a doctoral candidate at the Univ. of Southern California, and a board member for the L.A. League of Conservation Voters.
  • fritjofcapra.net
Thinking Like an Ecosystem (Frances Moore Lappe/ecoliteracy.org)

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