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Tesla: Secrets Hidden in Pyramids of Egypt

Pat Macpherson and Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly2paacalipse (
The enigmatic pyramids of Egypt produce wireless Tesla electricity and were not tombs.

Orsitch., Tesla given free Vril energy
As humans we are so proud of ancient Egypt and its magnificent creations. But we did not create them. Humanoids from space did, such as the oblong headed pharaohs, who were at best hybrid humans.

As human we are so proud of Serbian-American Nikola Tesla and his amazing accomplishments. He built the first powerplant created to harness the power of Niagra Falls to electrify New York.

But most of his inventions were "confiscated" at his death by agencies of the U.S. government.
Mayan pyramids were calendars and more
But Tesla, by his own admission, did not invent the inventions he is credited with. Ask him. Someone did. And he answered:

He got it telepathically, or with futuristic technology, sent to him from beings on a nearby planet.

Their purpose, they stated, was that they noticed that so many human problems were centered around energy. [They sent the same messages from faraway Aldebaran (in Taurus) to the Oracle Maria Orsitch and the women of the Vril Society (Thule Gesellschaft), who shared it with German officials who kept it secret and abused it during WW II.

Egypt is famous, but pyramids are all over
Energy is free everywhere but on Earth. So they gave him a great deal of advanced technology. He brought it into being and, having been given so much more, was ready to release other technology to benefit the planet. But it was taken because selling energy is very profitable to a few elite who rule the world.

Pyramids of Mexico (ancient Mesoamerica), Tikal Mayan ruins of the Aztecs, 2009 (wiki)
But other beings, other groups, other "races" have done many things all over the planet. Some of those groups were in Sumer (the Sumerians), all over the Near East, Middle East, the Indus River Valley, the Americas, Northern Europe, across Africa. Egypt, like Israel, is in Africa.

Who was the genius Tesla?
(ONE) The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla (full documentary)

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