Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to beat your girlfriend (video)

CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Dave Zirin, Amy Goodman, Aaron Mate (DemocracyNow.org)
UCSB and UCLA students mourn at a candlelight vigil at UCLA for gun violence victims, May 26, 2014. No vigil for punches and intimidation (David McNew/Getty Images/ksdk.com).

It’s not just Ray Rice: Dave Zirin on the NFL’s HISTORY of condoning domestic abuse

Israel's crimes in Palestine (TN)
DC-area residents will accept the “Rubble Bucket Challenge” from the besieged residents of the Gaza Strip in front of the White House. To show their support for an end to the illegal eight-year blockade by Israel, participants will dump buckets of dirt and sand over their heads, emulating the wildly popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept social media around the world. “We started the Rubble Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about the horrors that families of Gaza experience when they are bombed inside their houses,” explained Maysam Yusuf, a Palestinian youth from Gaza who initiated the tongue-in-cheek campaign during an exchange with friends on her Facebook page. “Anyone who wants to donate as well should give money to help rebuild Gaza.” More

Create political awareness for the plight of Gaza now. I am the only one, but like me are many. We love you, Palestine, and see what's happening because the CIA/USA/MIC needs an "Israel" to gain full-spectrum dominance over the oil-rich geopolitical Middle East.

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