Saturday, September 27, 2014

Perverse Sex in the Ancient World (video)

Ashley Wells and Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; History Channel video (via SFB)
Greek statue of the devi Eros (HEARTStephyHEART's photography/
WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised! Graphic content and sexual subject matter.

Tantric temple, India (UP)
After we "exposed" pornography in ancient Egypt, we had to wonder: What about hot Pompeii? Why not imperial Rome? "Sex in the Ancient World (Pompeii)," a History Channel documentary, reveals a world of decadence, prostitution, sexuality, perversion, she-wolves (lupinara), brothels, Pan, and Christian excess, shame, and guilt about it. Not much changes.
Modern sex in USA
(I'm Shmacked/Southern Methodist University) College drinking and lesbianism common on Christian college campuses?
(Elite Daily/Insights) Homeless Millennial survives by picking up women every night

Park yoga, Pasadena (

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