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Advanced humanoid life exists on Mars

Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom QuarterlyDavid Reynolds (, C2C, 9-18-14)
Mars mission to the oxidized planet with life underground (

Alien fossil thigh bone sitting on the surface of Mars (

Oops, missed another one, Mr. NASA Airbrusher! Squirrel foraging on the surface of Mars
Moss or lichen just like a roll of sod on Mars (March 2014/Morningstar/

 Frothy water on Mars surface, a sweet lake or a salty sea with ripples (Morningstar Beach)

The good news is that the humanoid life on Mars is very advanced, even after suffering an environmental catastrophe.

A planet swung by and knocked out its atmosphere. While habitable by day, it otherwise goes to extremes of temperatures with windstorms that drive life underground. Apparently, squirrels, ducks, and carnivorous indigenous creatures can stand it.

Pegasus Logo
So the project to send human Earthling life up onto the Red Planet is not nearly as adventurous as it is being made out to be. Earthlings have already been on the surface. Just ask Project Pegasus'  Andrew D. Basiago.

The better news is that you don't have to believe any of these revelations because their source is attributed to trance channeling, with references to Edgar Cayce, Jesus, spiritual evolution, and knowledge of past lives.

Last night David Reynolds, a teacher for the Unarius Educational Foundation, discussed the work of Unarius co-founder Ernest Norman and the "eyewitness" insights he revealed about Mars.

According to Reynolds, Norman was a profound genius who possessed an intellectual and spiritual intelligence that has "never [been] seen before on planet Earth" as well as extreme clairvoyant abilities.

Using these skills, he claims, Norman entered into communication with the leader of an alien humanoid race that lives underground on the Red Planet. Via a series of 33 astral trips to Mars, Norman was able to document the history and life of these ETs, sharing these revelations in the 1955 book The Truth About Mars.
Latin Pyramid Power: Kukulkan, Chitzen Itza (Richard Hoagland/
Based on the writings of Norman, the Martian people are a "peace-loving people" that fell victim to an astronomical catastrophe around 100,000 years ago when a sun-like star in a distant galaxy exploded and hurled debris toward their planet. [The remains may have formed the Kuiper Belt.]

Having 200 years to prepare for the oncoming environmental onslaught, the "Martians" (they do not use the Roman god Mars' name, nor call their planet Mars, nor label themselves "Martians") decided to move their entire civilization underground in order to survive. Their technology is sufficient enough to get everyone off Mars if they so wished; many are already on Earth.
Although fierce sand storms occasionally reveal aspects of their subterranean structures -- photographs of plexiglass tubes or "tunnels" made famous by Richard C. Hoagland and his Enterprise Mission -- Reynolds contends that "They have very cleverly hidden their society."

This is because "they don't want anybody to come, uninvited, to their world." Over the course of his appearance, Reynolds also shared insights into the nature of Martian society as well as how the history of Mars connects to Earth and the human race. More + AUDIO

Martians are real!?
Eds., Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Borobudur, Java, Indonesia time travel stone bells, Die Glockes (Ryanchanatry/flickr)
Buddhist temple, pyramid-like mandala with bells at Borobudur (22Kartika/wiki)
The Nazi time travel bell or Die Glocke
The most shocking revelation Reynolds made was not about the vegetarian diet on Mars, the super advanced technology, the non-interventionist mentality, the large ants that once resulted from pollution, or what the weather is really like. No, it had to do with the origin of the Chinese people on Earth -- Martian-Earthling hybrids, a claim confirmed by ancient Chinese records.

Hitler survived WW II
More, tantalizing than that, however, is the fact that Basiago and others in Project Pegasus have spoken of a "jump room" in a building in El Segundo, California, next to LAX. The operative teleportation device there appears to be an elevator.

But it is used to get to Mars through a portal that opens up using a manipulation of natural phenomena beyond the pale of the old physics, technology given to Maria Orsic and the Vril Society the way Nikola Tesla got it -- telepathy from Mars.

The Nazis made ET/UFO machines
Tesla said as much, and the beautiful Vril women channeled it in detail to help Germany create Die Glocke, "the Bell," a time-travel device governments know about but about which ordinary scientists are kept ignorant. Get a job with a security clearance and find out, oh naysaying scientists of the world.

Borobudur temple complex: mysterious stupa-like bells at dawn (TrevThompson/flickr)
But why mention anything having anything to do with those despised boogeymen the Nazis? They are portrayed as utterly despicable so as to be "radioactive," so reflexively hated that no one pays attention to anything said in relation to them. This is the fate of everyone the powers that be seek to discredit and or keep concealed.
Vril (energy) in Sanskrit and Pali viriya
It's a pity because they are alive and well in the U.S. military-industrial complex, their plans apparently still being carried out only not as publicly as when Hitler and Goebbels were the spokesmen. Project Paperclip and all the Nazi scientists given free travel to the U.S. to live unprosecuted or persecuted, new identities when needed, big paychecks, to build bombs, poisons, futuristic weapons, rockets, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and the U.S. space program.
The Nazis, it is said, made it to the Moon, not for the sake of travel but because they were invited by whatever intelligent civilization/life resides on that satellite. It is not a normal planetary body, but a hollow world with many inhabitants. This, too, is no secret.
The reason we are fond of mentioning the German bell technology, regardless of the Nazi connection, which one can also say of the beloved Volkswagen, is that it is shockingly similar to the "bells" atop the largest Buddhist monument in the world -- Borobudur, Indonesia.

What are they, why are they there, and who would hide Buddha statues in them out of site except through little holes? Someone, some kind of devas, knew something and were communicating it to the rulers of that ancient empire.

VIDEO: NASA [NAZI]'s MAVEN orbiter arrives on Mars

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