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Psychology professor kills her RAPIST

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Giving Latinas a bad name worldwide: She led us all to ruin then betrayed us to the police to save herself: Prof. Esparza (left) has already pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against her helpers/accomplices/co-defendants to get a reduced sentence for herself (The Mirror).

Psych prof admits killing her alleged rapist almost 20 years ago
These scans show I was hotheaded at 20
(The Mirror) Prof. Norma Esparza [then 20-years-old] pleaded guilty to manslaughter and is expected to testify against a number of others involved accused of killing of [alleged rapist] Gonzalo Ramirez [then 24].

A psychology professor has admitted killing her alleged rapist, almost 20 years after the man was [kidnapped, presumably tormented, then] stabbed [correction hacked] to death.

Norma Esparza, [now] 40, is one of four people accused of the 1995 killing of Gonzalo Ramirez, 24, whose body was found hacked to death with a meat cleaver on the side of a road in Orange County, California.

Goddess Tara Devi (Tantric Tara)
A fifth suspect shot himself during a standoff with police in 2012.

Prof. Esparza, [who teaches] at Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland, was arrested in the cold case murder two years ago after she re-entered the US for an academic conference.

She was originally charged with murder, but [she] has now pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and agreed to testify against others thought to have been involved in the killing.

Her former boyfriend Gianni Van, 45, and his alleged accomplice Shannon Ray Gries, 43, remain charged with murder, with Esparza set to testify against them in a trial next year.

Evolution is one step forward, two steps back: It's a long, hard road out of the "hells"
In 1995, Esparza told Van that Ramirez had raped her and pointed him out in a California bar. Her lawyer says Van and others then kidnapped Ramirez and killed him.

Authorities say a third man, Kody Tran, also took part in the kidnapping and killing and owned a car repair shop where Ramirez is believed to have been tied up and killed, but he has since died. His wife, Diane Tran, has admitted voluntary manslaughter.

If you rape anybody, I'll kill you. - OK, doctor.
Esparza, who was a 20-year-old student at the time of the killing, claims she was discouraged from reporting the alleged rape to police. She remains in jail following her plea, and is expected to be given a six-year prison sentence. More

Vigilantism is not Fairness
If Prof. Esparza was glad she killed, or glad she led others to karmic ruin with her by killing for the sake of exacting revenge (a form of hatred), she will not be glad when the karma finally ripens and she experiences the results (phala).

The world has many horrible injustices but, "Hatred is never appeased by hatred," the Buddha taught (Dhp 5). Rather than feeling relief, it is likely she hates him more now than before. But why more? More hate so as to justify to herself her act of murder, to rationalize it, and to deal with the cognitive dissonance). Torture and killing seem like great ideas when we're angry and seething with hate, but when these states subside? And all states will subside.
I'll kill the pigs then I'll be a pig. Wait.
How do we deal with what we've done? We can't, so we keep being mad. And being mad we have to try to get ever more angry and hateful. We tell others how great hate is and how anger is a good thing, thereby digging our karmic hole deeper. Never healing, never forgiving, never realizing the truth about reality in a way that would liberate us. We're in deeper but never realize we are headed in the wrong direction.

Buddhist psychology is deep; karma is deeper
"'He abused me, he struck me, he overpowered me, he robbed me.' Those who harbor such thoughts never still their hatred" (Dhp 3). It's like Americans in the U.S. (as opposed to all the other Americans in America, who come from Mexico, Canada, Greenland, and all of Central and South America) being swayed by hate by spokesmen for the military-industrial complex (Bushes, Obama, Cheney, Biden...): We are led to believe/think that REVENGE, hate, and fear are good reasons to go kill people in ISIS (IS, ISIL), Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and any other place this military-industrial complex of ours wishes to drone, bomb, poison, or invade.

But I have the right to take revenge!
It may be a very controversial thing to point out, but being sent to prison is not the karmic result of killing, a weighty (garuka) lapse in virtue (sila). "Forbearance is the highest virtue" (Mhv. X.2.3-20) Prison is society's collective revenge. The results (phala and vipaka) of the karma of killing or raping or encouraging others to kill -- the millions upon millions of thought moments (cittas) with the power to yield a result in the future -- have yet to begin coming to fruition.

That is the terrible thing about karma, and the wonderful thing, too, when it comes to the positive and beneficial fruits. What seems like one act, one karma, is actually many discrete impulses (javanas) with the power to ripen opportunistically in the future. So the Buddha, like all other buddhas taught that all bad things should be abandoned and all good things developed and cultivated.

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"Fight war, not wars." Let's subvert and undermine this rape culture (

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