Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Independence: Scotland votes to secede!

Wisdom Quarterly, September 16, 2014  DEVAS, THE ORACLES OF OBVIOUS
Devi (female deva) extraterrestrial-human hybrids from Scotland via the akasha deva loka in tartan Scottish dress on costumed dolls (Martha Boers/a-faerietale-of-inspiration)

This wouldn't 've happened under my watch, Mr. Cameron! (PM Thatcher/watdoday.com.au)
[Retraction: Dewey in fact did not win.] There is Ireland, Wales, England, and now Scotland. The British may try to claim it all to enhance the remains of the empire. But the others always knew they were their own peoples, whether Celts or Saxons or Anglos or by whatever name. Now with secession they've voted to send a message of  to Downing Street about the UK. We've had it with all the taxation without representation and the being blended into to a dominant culture we do not belong to. Sometimes, most of the time, a culture needs to govern itself because the rulers don't care enough to treat everyone equally. And this has nothing to do with Mel Gibson, the Royal Patronage banks, or the EU and its failing currency the euro. But will England and MI5 let the people go when subterfuge and stacking the votes can get them to stay?

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